Reborn as my custom character

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Reborn as my custom character

By: Guy_crimson007 OngoingSystem

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Ethan was an ordinary everyday 16-year-old high schooler. Both his parents died in a car accident when he was just 12 years old. However, they left him enough money to survive and study. He was a great gamer especially skilled in gacha games ranking as one of the top gamers in his country. One Sunday he decided to play one of his favourite games 'The Cardinal World' when suddenly a short circuit occurred in his apartment and his brain got burned by the electricity transmitted through the VR device and he lost his life at that instant. At least, the death was only the beginning of his new road to supremacy. Opening his eyes again he found himself reborn as a baby in a world similar to the game he was playing before his death. He reincarnated as the same special custom character that he created in a limited-time event with the same skills. He was also given a system namely 'The Conqueror System' which will help him in his path to conquer and grow powerful. His mission is the same as the game's protagonist acquiring all the capture targets. While making certain that the protagonist stays as a single. Failure means eternal torture inside the void. Join Ethan on his journey to rise above the cosmos and conquer all under the heavens, filled with blood and passion, mystery and uncertainty. Tags: Milfs, harem, handsome protagonist, mature woman, big sister, demons, elves, multiple wives, manipulation.


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Blessing in disguise?
From the second chapter, it will be 1st pov; ********* [3rd pov] {Dragon territory, the stary sky} The sea of stars as the name suggests is the most fascinating place in the entire astral realm. The dragons are the overlords of the sea of stars. As they say 'roses are surrounded with thorns' this magnificent place of the astral realm is also the deadliest. The territory of the strongest divine beast, the dragon queen Tiamat is the ruler of this region. The sea of stars got its name because the majority of the surroundings is submerged in seawater and the water also have the same guise as the sky. The only land here are islands where most dragons inhabit other than water dragons. Here night remains for all time of the day because of the absence of sun. On the largest island of the sea of stars where the queen of dragon's lives. There is a mountain soo tall that the peak is not vis
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Reborn as my custom character
I hope, you enjoy the story; {1st pov, Ethan} The first thing I saw after regaining my consciousness was an unfamiliar ceiling which is an oh so familiar event for me as I've read and watched a lot of transmigration and reincarnation anime and novels. I guess I am still dreaming, looks like reading too much extensively can really mess with your psyche. I decided the best action for me now would be to close my eyes and try to wake up.  I concentrated very hard to wake up but no matter how much I try every time I open my eyes the unfamiliar ceiling is the only thing that appears in front of my vision. Now I'm frowning! is it truly an imagination? Let's look around the room. I shifted my head in every direction the design of the room is classic European, with golden pillars and maroon walls with the floor made of shining reddish marble. The bed is king-size with sheets made of very soft material. I
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[1st pov, Ethan] I opened my eyes and began to stretch my hands and feet glancing at those tiny limbs and the now-familiar European bedroom further verified the fact that the memories of the previous night or day were not a fantasy.  I've reincarnated as the grandson of the dragon queen Tiamat in a world same as the game Cardinal world of gacha the sole difference is that the characters are genuine and the world is also real this is not a game you will die if you are killed. The game was very popular among the teens the various heroines, life-like graphics and real-time interactions made the game one of the best.  As a fellow man of culture, I also played the game. The excitement of conquering and making the variety of heroines fall for me was addictive. Eventually, I became a pro gamer and was one of the topmost players with a large harem and could keep it afloat. Here
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Four years later
{1st pov, Ethan} 'The time has finally come...for me to leave this godforsaken prison and to rise above the cosmos.' Yes, today I am finally going out of Tiamat's castle for the first time. It has been four years since I reincarnated in this world and this is the first time I'm going out, I'm now five years old. Life here no doubt has been truly relaxing but also very boring. But I'm not complaining, I never had to worry about anything the only downside is I never once left the castle.  If you are thinking why I never tried to sneak out then you'd be disappointed Tiamat is a terrifying space magic-user. I already know the divine beasts have some degree of control over their respective territories this is a privilege the goddesses granted them. But Tiamat is special as a space mage and demigod she can take full control over her territory and she is omnipresent here, meaning she can observe everyt
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Visiting my aunt's kingdoms part 1
{3rd pov, random} On the extreme north of the endless sea, everything is frozen in ice, the water here has been frozen for since anyone can recollect. The reason? Underneath the sea there is a primordial ice vein, it has been releasing the icy mana for a long time and that chilled the water and made this domain of pure ice. But now it is the sovereignty of Leviathan the second daughter of the dragon queen. Tiamat used a substantial amount of ice energy from the vein to create Leviathan, because of this, Leviathan is an ice dragon. After attaining the monarch realm she took possession of the northern region of extreme ice as her kingdom and named it the Kingdom of extreme ice. The main inhibitors are primarily ice type dragons, beastmans and mana born creatures who are born naturally by the excessive amounts of mana from the ice vein. In the cardinal world, reproduction happens in three different manners, primarily throug
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Visiting my aunt's kingdoms part 2(End)
{3rd pov, random} The royal palace of the extreme ice kingdom. In the dining room, a banquet is set in motion, a big round table is decorated with various types of cuisines. However, the table is predominantly vacant of people. Moreover, with the amount of food resting on the table, the only three people present are certainly not capable of eating so much food alone appearance-wise. The odd sight is one of the present individuals is a boy who appears to be not more than 10 years old.  Although his age is not of qualms the fact that he continues to devour these myriads of dishes alone is quite the marvels predicament. The two more individuals are all women, both blessed with a deadly mature charm, one has platinum silver hair, dazzling silver eyes, and full rosy lips. The other one is a blue-haired bombshell with ocean blue eyes and light pink lips. Both have an expression of delight watching the boy eating with such
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The first trial of the dragons
[1st POV—Ethan] 'This is nighttime...well, here, the night is all the time....hehe..sigh.' Okay, no more jokes about the night. However, I can't honestly explain to you how gorgeous this place is. I must admit I miss the day; the sun and its bright, light, blue sky and clouds, but the night sky here is also truly breathtaking. There's no denying that. At the moment, I'm sitting on the balcony of Tiamat's castle gazing and the starry sky admiring the wonders of this magical world. Looking at the smooth, black sky resembling black oil paint and the numerous shining stars looking like jewels flickering in the dark. There are stars with various colours, not all stars are white or silver, you can see some that are red, blue, green, orange and many other colours. Sometimes I wonder, can I someday go to any of those stars? What kind of world will it be? Will it have magic like thi
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The first target
{1st POV, Ethan} Glancing upon the gorgeous pair of shining white wings unfolding from Tiamat's back I became dumbfounded, my mind was blown away by the rise in her appearance. She was always spectacular but the addition of those white wings made her similar to some holy entity untainted by any form of wickedness. Altogether she was looking peerless with her wings. Like a nymph descended from the sanctuary. "Wow..! Grandma, your wings are so amazing! you look, even more beautiful, are mine the same as you?"   I already recall they are jet black, anyway, she is not aware of it. Tiamat beamed a smile, no matter if it's dragons or humans all women are delighted to receive praises for their appearance, she was not an exception especially if it's a genuine compliment for somebody very dear to you. " believe my wings are amazing? But l think othe
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First fight and first kill
{3rd POV, random} On an Island full of huge boulders and deep canyons, a struggle between two parties was reaching its conclusion.  An azure haired woman with emerald eyes and a buxom figure was being one-sidedly assaulted by a group of men clad in some sort of battalion uniform carrying lethal weapons. They all have a pretty decent complexion, with most people being blond. However, the most evident feature signifying their heritage is the sharp long ears, confirming them to be elves. On the other hand, the azure haired woman similarly has long eras but is nowhere near as pointy as the group of uniform wearing men. The woman's condition can be described in a single word; pitiful. Cuts and brushes all over the body, torn clothes and blood pouring out from the corner of her lips. The opposing group of men appear to be full of vigour and power; Neat clothes
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The sin of pride
{1st POV, Ethan}   'Fuck...not now..'   I cursed in my mind, the damn trial couldn't come at a more worst time. As I was preparing to endure hellish pain, blood suddenly escaped my mouth moreover it was black.   "Cough... cough.."   (System why am I spitting black blood?)   Glancing at the puddle of black blood, I asked the system.   [Nothing to worry master, it is just the impurities accumulated inside you. The pills purified your body and made it more solid while maintaining flexibility.]    So they are the impure substance accumulated inside me.    "No-no..! No again...!"   "Please...don't go..!   Ahh, my head hurts...ahh..!   RRRROOOOAAAARRR!!!"   Turning my head to the back, my eyes landed upon an Alizée clutching her he
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