Reincarnated as a Computer Malware

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Reincarnated as a Computer Malware

By: Young Master Jay OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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You have read it right. I, the protagonist, am reincarnated as a malware. To be precise, a trojan in a communication device. Then, I jumped to a stronger and more powerful device until I have a full grasp over a large number of devices. However, that’s not my goal. What I want is to become human. *Silence* Well, I can no longer become a human, can I? But I know that I can become a super-advanced and mega-powerful malware that no antivirus can threaten. I will rule over the world and become the world itself. ⌈ Warning: the A-9783 antivirus had detected you! ⌋ Opsie… gotta go! Disclaimer: The photo is not mine. it belongs to its owner. You can DM me at Young Master Jay#1823


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131 chapters
Chapter 1 Prologue
Chapter 1⌈ WARNING: Malware has been detected. ⌋⌈Destroy⌋ ⌈Ignore⌋That's not me. It's the antivirus of the system. But don't worry. You'll get used to this.That is the 897th warning for today, and… there will be more.I'm not only hijacking one system but a hundred of them at a time.A hundred may sound small. But, that will increase in the future. Who could say? Perhaps, I will be hijacking billions of systems at a time in the future.Being a malware, it all started when… I don't really know when. One day I just woke up with a series of codes feeding up to me.There's that 'system.out.print(Hello World)'. Then there is also 'Import OpenCV', and 'Import System'. Finally, there is also that 'pip' shit.Well, it's not really the pip; however, it is something like that.At first, I am confused about them. But as time passed, I got to know that they are the language of the computer. And in the sense of wizards, they are the spells to control a computer system.However, the
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Chapter 2 The Password
Chapter 2"Claire, there is a breach in the system. It came from your account!"In the middle of the night, a blonde girl was woken up by the call of her colleague."What? How could that be?""See for yourself. I'll send you a copy of the data log."Ding!⌈ Miss Claire, you have a message from Dave ⌋Claire was stunned when she saw the data log that was sent by Dave."What? How could that be?""How come I decrypted so many encrypted files?"She could not believe herself, but the data log told her everything."Clara! Search for the source!"After staring at the data log for a while, Claire asked the A.I. of the system to check for the source.Ding!⌈ Your password was found online. ⌋Claire was working at the Apollo Tech Company.The company focuses on developing a super-advanced robotic system- both the software and the hardware.At first, they are working on the code that will let a robot think like a human. Although there are many robots as such, they were not completely human-like.
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Chapter 3 The Reward
Chapter 3"Kid, I have two rewards for you," the super malware guy said.The super malware called me kid. However, I don't care.I know I am just a kid in front of the super malware.Anyway, I am looking forward to the reward. Please give it to mean A.S.A.P."The first one that I have for you is the Gateway Token."Gateway token? Is that some kind of a gate pass? I don't really get it."Gateway token? What is that, sir?""This is a Non-Fungible Token. It cannot be copied or replicated."What? Is that it? I thought it would give me super power or something.Ha! I think I expected too much."Don't be disappointed, now. The Gateway Token will allow you to do many things.""What things?""Hmm… hahaha, discover it yourself, kid."Fuck this super malware.Joke, super kind of you. I hope you did not hear it.He did not hear it, did he?"Then, for the second one, I will give you an eye."Phew! He did not hear it.Wait… did he just say, he will give me an eye?What would I need an eye for?I.
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Chapter 4 The Eye
Chapter 4Somewhere, on one of the islands of the world, a youth at the age of fifteen was laying on the ground. His eyes are closed and are extremely relaxed under the sun.The sun's rays seemed to be gentle on the youth's skin."Ahh, this life is so good. I hope this will last forever."The young man mumbled before sitting up to look at the horizon.The young man is on his trunks.He has a clean cut of muscles. Every curve and cut is emphasized.If the ladies of the same age as youth saw him, they would surely fall head over heels for him.Surely they will open wide and let him in… ahem… let him in their life.Impressed right?Hahaha! That youth is none other than me, Smith, the malware.How can a malware have a body, you say?That is because of The Eye.Indeed, I have found out how to use The Eye.How did I do it? Well, I too don't know.All I did was fidget with my files. Then, the next thing I know is that I have opened The Eye.I know, I know, this sounds ridiculous.However, ha
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Chapter 5 Meeting Sir John and Artemis
Chapter 5Smith could tell that his virtual room is about to collapse.What the hell? Is someone targeting me?The virtual room, just like any other electronic structures is made up of ones and zeroes.Now, Artemis is deleting those and making Smith's virtual room into shambles. Of course, Smith will not let Artemis do as she pleases.First things first, who is such a bitch that's destroying my vacation island? Fuck! If I catch you, I will nail you down."System! Show me the data log!"However, the system did not show Smith anything except…Ding!⌈ Error! ⌋Hehe, of course, that bitch will not approve of my access to the system.But, how am I found? I am a trojan. I deceive the systems like this. Things should not be like this. Well, at least in the short term, I should not be found easily.The more Smith thinks about this, the more confusing it gets. However, in the next second, he realized something.Am I exposed when I activated the Protocol Number 8A7C?That's the only reason I co
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Chapter 6 The Courier Service
Chapter 6An hour earlier…The fight between me and Artemis is intense.Hehe, she keeps deleting my virtual room with that bit by bit deletion shit.That's genius. However, that's not that great.Hehe, let's see."System, initiate code Eden."Code Eden is a code that I recently made.Unlike the previous one, the system and that bitch will not be able to counter it.Hehe, this is my masterpiece.This code is… my saving grace.Hmm, why does it take too long to trigger code Eden?Ha! I guess I have to do it myself.Smith made gestures. Then, in the next second, the damage to his virtual room further increased.Not only did the damage increase but also the rate at which Smith's virtual room was collapsing increased to many folds.Then, in a few minutes, it was already about to collapse. However, before that happened…Ding!⌈ Code Eden has been triggered! ⌋… code Eden has been triggered.Whoosh!Smith disappeared from the collapsing virtual room and appeared in another virtual room.Then,
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Chapter 7 Meta
Chapter 7A week passed.I, Smith the malware, had found a new home. Yes, I have relocated to a new server. I don't have a choice; I and the Apollo Tech's CEO had an agreement.After he gave me that project shit, which I have decided to call scrap metal, I have to leave the server.Well, it's not that he said that I have to leave after I received the scrap metal, but he said, I have to 'remove all the malware that I put in their server'.At that moment, I am in dilemma. Since I am a malware, should I leave? I am reluctant to do so.You know, I am a kind malware, why would they want me to leave?Ha!In the end, I chose to leave.I can't insist myself on the people that do not know my value, right?Just you wait. You will regret it.Ding!⌈ You have received 1,000 Solar Credits. ⌋Hmm, system, you have interrupted me.Joke, I like it when the system notifies me that I have received some money.Hmmm, being a malware is not too bad. There's a lot of income. Hehe.That's right. After leavi
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Chapter 8 Meta 2
Chapter 8On the night when Meta arrived at the battlefield, a group of three are on a patrol mission. This group of three are nonmilitary personnel.They are a group of mercenaries commissioned by the military. There are many cases in which the military would post mission.They do that because they are short on people or they did not deem the act as important and is a waste of their precious military time. Or in some cases, they are lazed to act on it.Anyway, most of the time, their superiors do not care about the process as long as the work would be done.In any way, the mercenaries are always glad to accept a mission from the military, of course, on the premise that the military will give generous rewards. Otherwise, no one would look at it.Their group is made up of four people. One tanker, two close combaters, and a gunner. However, the other close combater is not with them for the mission.This may not be the best group out there, but they are the best group for patrolling miss
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Chapter 9 Mad Hat Camile
Chapter 9"Good come here now… shit! We've been breached…!"It did not take long for Damion to notice Meta. However, the thing that confused him is that…"How the hell did you bypass the sensors of the ship?""Fuck, I don't care. I'm going to kill you, fucking piece of metal."Damion then took out a pulse pistol and aimed it at meta.Then…Whoosh! Whoosh!The pulse pistol is one of the basic E-grade guns. It shoots out compacted vibration in form of a pulse that could shred its target into pieces.At this moment, the Pulse Pistol is the only gun that he can use. Well, he can't damage their ship, can he?"Power saving mode, disabled!"Before the pulse could hit Meta, Meta uttered a phrase before moving explosively.Meta could move this way because the power-saving mode was lifted. However, that's not the peak of his performance. He could still be a lot faster. Unfortunately, Meta did not have enough energy to move as he pleases.Whoosh!In a few seconds, Meta is already near Damion and
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Chapter 10 The Deal
Chapter 10"Sir Smith, I would like to buy a B grade ship as well as some C grade weapons," Mad Hat Camile did not hesitate to say what she wants to buy just as I, smith appeared in the reception room.What the heck? As if that is easy… Ha, I should leave! This is not good.However, I know that I cannot leave after they have given Meta a hundred Energy Units.Now that I think of it, it is definitely not a good idea for them to give Meta some Energy Units. However, at that time, the is no other choice."Sir Smith, what's wrong?""No, nothing. A B-grade ship is not an ordinary ship. I don't have one in my warehouse."A B-grade ship is not necessarily the best of the ships out there. However, it is not definitely the lowest. Its quality is somewhere in between the highest and the lowest.Then, the problem with this ship is that they are sold at a high price even on the dark web.Well, its price on the dark web is lower than in the real world. However, the thing is that there is no way th
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