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After Alex came to earth with natural powers , the consequences taken place in our universe and multiverse . Astron was trying to unlock the Dark with the power rings and the world changed after the arrival of Natural Heroes ....


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42 chapters
Let's move into the multi-universe... In that universe there is a same world like our earth. It's a long time ago story, which their people believe strongly. let's move into the story. it's ancient times, the world is settled peaceful without any wars between the kingdoms as an agreement. The great king name is 'Lord kindlo' who is the king of the biggest kingdom ' DRAGONS'. He is the kindest and dearest and strongest king. The world has many dragons.They use them for traveling, fighting, wars, pets, in kingdoms, farms, etc. The dragons are also the part of their human lifes. There is a big Golden statue of great legend dragon on the top of Dragon kingdom. The all people and dragons believe it is the god for all. They workship the golden Dragon.They believe it has many powers.But they don't know why it is in Golden form.The Kindlo has 5 kids. They enjoy fully everyday. They play in kingdom, village, at waterfall (present at the back of the kingdom). Their names are :- (sort
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After brought the eggs from the cave the kids kept for hatching the eggs.They are so eager to know about the eggs. At that time the king went out of kingdom for work. Daily there is training for the kids.They were so funny all time. They respect and workship their parents always. The Queen is always proud of them. The days are going on, they are growing up. But they still don't know that where the eggs from. One day they again wants to go into the cave. All went to it. But in that cave on stones there are no mysterious paintings.It do weird for all them. They were shocked. All ran into the kingdom. By growing up they are learning more knowledge about the peace agreement, wars, dragons, skills, truths of lifes, etc. The king also observed many new things running in their kingdom. One day the 5 children are playing in the waterfalls. Then suddenly a strange guy appeared to all and asked them about the eggs. He asked where they kept those eggs . They think he will kill them, and
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After 10 years..
Later 10 years the children grown up . The trained very well. They are more stronger, braver, intelligent, faster and etc. HIMA is expert in sword fighting. Mani is expert in sword fighting. TRILOK is expert in Arcade . CHAITU is expert in Arcade. DHANU is expert in Strength. All are so much delightful. They respect all people. They don't have any poor & rich differences. All the people in the kingdom love them and treat as their sons. Daily morning they go to forest and do practice. They always believe that "PRACTICE MAKE MAN PERFECT".They five are always funny together. There is a soldier's commander who's name is ARJUN KHAIL. He is a great commander. He is kindest person in the whole kingdom. He loves and always be with the kids.He worked faithful to king . He trained the Children very much strong enough. The children are also shows love and respect him for his loyalty. Let's talk about the Dragon eggs.. The eggs weren't hatched till 10 years. It is the mysterious and s
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Wait what happened..?
After the sun rays fall on the eggs, the eggs started to hatching. They are all surprised , they don't know what was going on. Finally the eggs hatched and five beautiful, cute baby dragons came out. It is most beautiful scene ever. They grew up very fast. They are bigger than all dragons in the kingdom. They trained the dragons very well. The dragons love their owners very much. They think they are their family. They all together enjoy a lot. They all roamed in sky & they love it.All are happy in the world. But suddenly there is a big problem started at the 'BADLANDS'. It is a place where the cruel dragons dynasty lives. The place is very far from the Dragons kingdom. The cruel dragons have a bloody dragons king. It's name is LIINO. They all are hungry. As similarly they don't eat grass and leaves as all dragons. They only eat meat . So one day they planned to attack on villages and eat animals, humans and dragons. As their planned, the attacked a village near the Dragon king
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The king kindo decided to send his sons for war with Liino army. He called his sons. They came with respect and asked what happened father. Kindo told, " I am getting old, it's time to give up my chair and Crown to one son. The decision is yours, but take a good decision. I know you all were being best brothers ever. All love each other. That's a good thing. I wish you all live happily until end being together always. I love you all. I am very proud to have you as sons. You all know about the Badlands liino dragons, isn't? They attacked on oko village and completely destroyed and burned the village. They have ate all people and animals.They are scaring all people. They are destroying the plants, crops . The people want help from us. So you five should go to the Badlands and kill or warn the liino dragons.Its time you and your dragons are grown up. I think you all are ready for war. Your are now heroes my sons".They all said yes for war. They all hugged their father and went. The Lo
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The HEROES are ready for the battle. The prepared the dragons, soldiers and thierselfs. They are ready for going.Suddenly their mother came and blessed for their first fight. They felt happy and came out of from tension. WE FORGET ABOUT THE DRAGONS NA? THEIR NAMES WERE :-HIMA'S DRAGON - BHOWMANI'S DRAGON - SHEROTRILOK'S DRAGON - ROCKYDHANU'S DRAGON - BOLTCHAITI'S DRAGON - DRASHThe dragons are more excited for fighting than all. All the soldiers are scary because they know that their dragons are weak than Liino dragons. The commander ARJUN KHAIL also went with them to help the heroes. They flying on the dragons to the Badlands. It's so far so they took rest in night at hills and they morning they finally reached the Badlands. It's is fully hilly, dirty, scary, smelly . The heroes wanted to talk with the liino & dragons. But Arjun advice them to kill them because they won't listen to you. They want to rule the world. So it's better to kill them. But Hima & Mani refused and said
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The heroes tried to convince the Liino and to put an agreement of peace. But Linno refused and insulted the heroes. And he wanted to fight with the heroes. Heroes accepted thier challenge. And they started fighting with the linno and dragons. Arjun KHAIL also joined the battle with the soldiers. And all are fighting. The heroes and thier dragons showed up thier strength and skills and defeated the Liino dragon and his dragons. The Liino begged the heroes to not kill him. So they just gave him warning and they went off with thier first victory against the Badlands. They went back to the kingdom.Before they going the news went faster than them that they won against the Badlands.They reached the kingdom. All Congrulated them and thier victory. The king and queen are felt very proud of their sons. The news spread all over the world. Liino felt very bad. The news is went to the 'MORTEZ' Kingdom. MORTEZ is a great kingdom in North. The king of Mortez kingdom is 'PANKEN MORTEZ'. And he
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The Lord Panken sends the message to all great kings . He also send the announcement to the "DRAGONALDO" Kingdom. The kingdom is divided into 3 equal parts between the three sons after the king dies. The three sons are very cruel hearted persons. They are many rumors that they three kill thier father for the kingdom. There names were:-1.AKI2.IVER3.RAVENThe competition is being held in the Dragons kingdom only. So many kings, lords, queens and many people came there to watch the who is going to be win. The three Dragonaldo kings also came. The competition has 3 rounds. They are :-Round 1- IntelligenceRound 2 - Race with DragonsRound 3 - The war between the first two winners of round 2 , then the last stands is winner. All are encouraging the five heroes. Suddenly the three Dragonaldo kings says we will also participate in the competition. But also refused. The Lord Panken said only the five heroes can party, but you three can't. But they said, 'are all are afraid of the
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The villans soldiers attacked on the heroes and their dragons. The dragons confuse and flew in wrong direction. In that way they listened the voices again of strange meaningless words. The dragons followed the voice. The heroes on the back of the dragons are confused so much. They followed the voice and went to the place that where the sounds coming. They saw the strange person again. They asked who is he? He replied that, " I'm 'Alex', I'm the protector of the natural powers. I stored the powers in that 5 eggs. But u took them. Many years ago a bad god is turned into a devil. He used many powers and combined them and created The DARK POWER. It is auto controlled power. Then all gods decided and created five NATURAL POWERS . But there is a problem because the dark is made with more powers and it is very powerful than natural powers.The gods and devils fought , Finally the gods won. But they couldn't kill the dark. So they kill the devil and locked the dark in space on one planet. T
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The heroes got the powers from dragons. Those are :-HIMA - FIRE POWERMANI - WATER & ice TRILOK - LAND & TREES DHANU - THUNDERCHAITU - AIR They again went to the race. They fastly went to the waterfalls. Again the soldiers attacked on them. This time heroes won and killed them. Hima and Aki are first. They two reached the finish🏁 line. NOW THIRD ROUND..They fighting hardly. All are very fearful. Ellena wants to marry Hima. But Knowbody knows who is going to be win. Aki is in loosing stage. So he suddenly called his army. He already planned it. He wants to rule the world. So he already brought his full army and dragons. All are shocked. THEN HEROES AND DRAGONS ARE READY WITH THEIR POWERS AND BATTALION. ALL LORDS & KINGS ALSO HELPED THE HEROES. ALEX HELPED THEM. NOW THE WAR IS STARTED. THE DRAGONS USED THIER NATURAL POWERS. AND THEY WON. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE ⚰DIED. AGAIN GOOD WON AGAINST THE BAD. "PEACE IS PEACE, WHICH ALWAYS MAKES ALL HAPPY. BUT WAR DESTROYS EVERYONE'S HAPPINES
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