The Dark Hero Adventures

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The Dark Hero Adventures

By: Viki VT OngoingFantasy

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Leaving the city of Riverheim behind, along with an epic inn binge and a wild night out, Elysia, an ex-slave catgirl, was thrilled to learn that Frey, the dark hero and the person who promised to protect her, intended to meet a heroic death in battle to atone for a personal misfortune, Elysia swore she would follow him and recount his adventures in an epic novel. At dawn the next day, Elysia realized the madness that she had done, and by her oath she would accompany the dark hero in all her crazy misadventures, fighting against horrible creatures that neither Elysia nor she knew could reach. exist. Some extraordinary adventures in which Elysia will try to survive the fate of her partner, something that will not be easy. She will have to fight against demon worshipers, insidious Goblins, savage orcs, grotesque mutants, powerful champions of the dark gods and many other terrible enemies.

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Chapter 1: Nightmarefest, Part 1
After the terrible events and harrowing adventures we had to endure in Riverheim, my companion and I fled southwest, choosing any path at random. We use the means of displacement that were presented to us; barges, cars or carts. And we turned to feet when all else failed.Those were hard times and I felt scared. It seemed that at every turn we were in danger of being arrested for imprisonment or execution. He saw bailiffs in every tavern and hit men behind every bush. If the Dark Hero suspected that things might be different, he never bothered to inform me of it.For someone as ignorant of the true state of the Kaleth Empire's legal system as I was at the time, it seemed likely that the entire apparatus of that powerful and sprawling government was bent on apprehending a runaway slave such as myself; for this reason I begged my companion, the dark hero, to move away from the border of the empire.At that time, I had no idea of ​​the weak and random way in which the mandates of the law
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Chapter 2: Nightmarefest, Part 2
A little further down the road leading away from the Coralyn barony, the two came to an Inn called 'the stone circle'. The windows were shuttered and there were no lights to be seen; they could hear neighing coming from the stables, but when they looked they saw no carriage, black or otherwise, just some skittish ponies and a traveling merchant's cart. “We have lost the carriage. The best thing will be to get a bed for the night.” Elysua suggested, casting a wary glance at the moon, whose chilling silver glow was stronger. “I don't feel calm outside tonight. I have a bad feeling." “You are weak, cat girl, and cowardly.” "They will have beer." "On the other hand, some of your suggestions are not without merit, although the beer of this country is watered down." "Of course" replied Elysia. Frey did not detect the ironic tone of her voice. The inn was not fortified, but it had thick walls, and when they tried to open the door they found that it was barred. Frey pummeled her with he
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Chapter 3: Nightmarefest, Part 3
"She was lucky." Elysia commented dryly.“No need to scoff, miss. We went to the Circle of Stones and found all kinds of traces in the disturbed earth, including the tracks of humans, beasts and cloven-hoofed demons, and a disembowelled calf on the altar.”“Cleft-hoofed demons?” Frey asked, and Elysia didn't like the look of interest in her eyes.The pedlar nodded."I would not venture to the Circle of Stones tonight." he replied "not for all the gold of the Kingdom.""It would be a suitable quest for a hero." declared Frey while giving Elysia a meaningful look, who felt shocked and flustered."Surely you don't mean that..."“What better mission for a hero than to face those demons on his holy night? It would be a magnificent death.""It would be a stupid death." Elysia muttered."What have you said?""Nothing.""You'll come with me, won't you?" Frey said in a threatening tone as he absentmindedly placed his hand on the hilt of the sword."A promise is a promise". he replied, at the s
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Chapter 4: Nightmarefest, Part 4
They walked wearily through the forest. Overhead, the moon shone with chilling light; the moon had grown even brighter and now its silvery glow lit up the sky. A fine mist had fallen, and the terrain they were advancing on was bleak and wild. Rocks rose from the peat like the eruption of a plague breaking out on the world's skin.Sometimes Elysia thought she heard the flapping of huge wings above them, but when she looked up she saw only the glow of the sky. The fog spread and distorted the surroundings in such a way that it seemed that both of them were walking on the bottom of an unearthly sea.“I have a bad feeling about this place.” Elysia thought. The air tasted foul, and the fur on her tail was constantly standing on end. Once, when she was a child, on the estate of her owners, she had sat and watched the sky turn black with menacing clouds. Then the most monstrous storm she could remember had come. She then experienced the same expectant feeling, and she knew that powerful forc
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Chapter 5: Nightmarefest, Part 5
The air was calm. From time to time, Elysia thought she perceived presences stirring in the surrounding trees and she, she nervously, stood still, trying to penetrate the mist that surrounded her with her eyes in search of moving shadows. Her encounter with her corrupt one had made her fully understand how dangerous the situation was, and she felt deep within her fear and anger.Some of her anger was directed at herself for being afraid. She felt dizzy and embarrassed, and she decided that no matter what happened, she wasn't going to repeat the mistake of sitting still like a sheep to be killed."What was that?" Elysia asked, and Frey looked at her. “Don't you hear, Frey? Listen! It's like a chant!" Frey strained to catch the sound, but heard nothing. “We are close, very close.”They continued to advance in silence, and as they moved through the mist, Elysia became even more wary; she left the path and took advantage of the tall grass to take cover. Frey followed her.So at that momen
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Chapter 6: Wolf Riders, Part 1
I can't remember exactly how we decided to head into the gloomy mountains in search of the lost gold of an old, abandoned dwarf fortress, but I remember that, like many important resolutions from that period of my life, it was one we made in a tavern under the influence of huge amounts of alcohol. I also remember an old, toothless dwarf repeatedly babbling the word gold, and I have vivid memory of the insane gleam that appeared in my companion's eyes as he listened to the tale.Perhaps it was typical of the Dark Hero to be willing to risk his life and limb in the wildest, most barren territory he could imagine, no matter how tenuous the provocation. Or maybe it was the characteristic 'gold rush' effect that the vast majority of people tend to suffer when they find a way to get money quickly. As I was to discover later, the lure of that shiny metal has a tremendous and terrifying power over the minds of all relatively civilized beings.In any case, the decision to leave
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Chapter 7: Wolf Riders, Part 2
"Perhaps I should escort you back to your house." Frey commented.This time, he surveyed the girl with a more attentive gaze. She was frail and thin, and her face would have been ordinary if not for her large dark eyes. She wrapped herself in the velvet cloak that Frey himself had lent her, clutched the bundle of what she had bought in the village to her chest, and then raised her face to give the dark hero a shy smile that lent beauty to that countenance. pale and famished."I'd appreciate it, if it's not too much trouble.""It's not a bother at all." he replied. "Maybe those ruffians are still lurking out there."“I doubt that. They seemed to be very afraid of you.”"Let me help you carry those herbs, then."“The lady she told me exactly what she had to buy. They are to alleviate the effects of frostbite. I will feel calmer if I carry them.”Frey shrugged, and they went outside; the cold was so intense that his breaths formed clouds of vapor.In the night sky, the Shadowy Mountains
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Chapter 8: Wolf Riders, Part 3
Elysia knocked on the wagon door, which she was told belonged to the baron's master-at-arms. She was alone mainly because her partner, Frey, was in charge of maintaining his armor and giving his sword a perfect edge."Ahead". said a voice.Opening the door, her nose was assaulted by the smell of bear grease, so she reached for the hilt of the sword.Five men were gathered inside the wagon, and she recognized three of them: they were the hunters she had met the night before. The other two were a young man, richly dressed and with delicate features, with short hair in the style of a noble warrior, and a tall, powerfully built man clad in furs. The latter was tanned and appeared to be in his thirties, although his hair was silvery gray. He carried a quiver of black-tailed arrows slung across his back, and close to his hand was a long, sturdy bow. The men she didn't know, Elysia, bore a certain family resemblance."That's the bitch." Lars said through his missing teeth, and the two strang
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Wolf Riders Part 4
By mid-morning, the exiles were ready to move. At the head of the long, disorderly line, Elysia saw a white-haired old man, clad in a sable cloak, riding a black war steed. He rode under the unfurled wolf banner, which Dieter carried. Beside him, Manfred leaned down to say something to the old man; The baron then gestured, and the caravan that made up his people began to move forward.The catgirl felt a shudder run through him at the sight of it all. She drank in the sight of the row of wagons and wagons with their armed escort of mounted and armored warriors, then climbed into a supply cart that she and Frey had seized from a sour old servant, who was dressed in the barony livery.Around them, mountains pointed to the sky like gray giants, trees dotted the roadsides, and streams ran like quicksilver down the sides toward the source of a River. The rain mixed with snow softened the contours of the landscape and gave it an untamed beauty."Time to go again." Frey moaned as he took his
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Wolf Riders, Part 5
The crossbow bolt whistled through the air and stabbed quiveringly into the earth before the steed's hooves. Frey struggled to control the animal, which reared. At times like this he was glad to have ranks of skill in Riding."Come no closer, stranger, or we will fill you with arrows, white flag or no white flag." His voice was rough but powerful. It was clear that its owner used it to give orders and have them obeyed. Frey struggled with the mount and managed to control it."I am a messenger to Garfield Von Deyl, Baron of the Northern Fringe of the Gray Mountains." Frei yelled. “He has no intention of causing you any harm. We just want to shelter from the elements and refresh supplies.”“Well, you can't do it here! Tell your Baron Garfield that if he is so peaceful, he can continue on his way. This is Aken, and we are not interested in any dealings with the nobles of any country. We are a free and independent city, we do not bow down to anyone.”Frey studied the man shouting at him f
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