The Journey of the God Emperor

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The Journey of the God Emperor

By: DEATHabyss OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A kid from Earth was transmigrated into a world where the strong eats the weak. Will he survive? This is the story of an ordinary boy blessed with the best talent and endowed with the greatest luck, as a hardcore anime, webtoon, and light novel fanatic, is he living his dream or living his worst nightmare? "All of you bully me just because I am weak?" "All of you dares to ignore my very existence?" "Starting now, this world shall turn upside down!" "I will rise through the ranks and become the God Emperor!"


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8 chapters
Chapter 1: So Isekai is real?
It was a stormy evening with thunderstorms raging in the sky. The howling winds together with the piercing claps of thunder which resounds every once in a while really makes the timid land creatures tremble In fear even though they were already hidden in plain sight. However, this kind of weather was perfect if someone wants to do something, which they do not want anybody else to find out.  Somewhere on a steep cliff, two weak-looking men were struggling to carry a black coffin. The coffin was obviously heavy for the two men because they were gasping for air. Suddenly, one of the men said, "He is not really fit to be our young master! Served him right!" “Indeed, he was really courting death when he challenged that trial!" The other man responded. “What...what was that I am hearing? Are they talking about me? Why is it dark?" Lloyd asked to himself. "Ok, let us get this over with. I do not want to stay here a lot longer if possible. Monste
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Chapter 2: Stone Edge City
-Dawn, About 5 kilometers outside Stone Edge City, Viridescent Empire-A carriage was travelling through a vast green forest along a rocky road. Inside, Lloyd was sitting in the middle while being accompanied by two of the men and Francis. The remaining two men were outside, with one man as the coachman and the other man as the lookout for possible outside threats.'Last thing I remembered, I attempted to save a cat, then when I was about to be hit by a truck, my pendant abruptly shined and enveloped my whole body.' Lloyd mused.'Then, I was saved by my pendant? What, my pendant?!' Lloyd immediately searched his body for his pendant. ‘Phew! I thought It wasn't able to come with me.' Lloyd thought. All of Lloyd's belongings before he got reincarnated was not able to come with him so he thought that he lost his pendant."Bro, you okay?" Francis asked when he saw Lloyd moving all of a sudden."Oh, yes I'm fine...” Lloyd responded.&
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Chapter 3: The Pendant of Samsara
The next day, Lloyd got woken up by the various noises outside. "Argghh! I could not sleep at all last night and just when I finally got the chance, It is already morning! This makes me irritated!" Lloyd complained. He was not able to sleep at all last night because of all that has happened yesterday, being transmigrated, waking up inside a coffin, knowing about cultivation and his current situation. "This really feels surreal," Lloyd said while looking at his hands. "Am I the protagonist of my own story? Haha. Seems like this is just me being sleep-deprived," Lloyd said. It just so happened that someone knocked on Lloyd's door. "Who's there?" Lloyd asked. "Young master, it's Trisha." The voice beyond the door answered. "Oh. Come in.'" Lloyd responded. Trisha was Lloyd's personal all-around maid. They met about 7 years ago and Trisha was only older by 2 years. Trisha was actually quite a beauty with her blue eyes and blonde hai
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Chapter 4: Third Level of Mana Gathering Realm
-Blanc Clan Compound, Lloyd's Residence- Lloyd was happily sleeping when he heard some knocking on his door. "Young master, your breakfast is ready," Trisha said from behind the door. "Okay, I'm coming!" Lloyd responded. Lloyd got up from the bed, does some quick exercise, went out of the room, then proceeded to the dining area. "Thank you for the meal, Trisha! It was delicious!" Lloyd said. After eating his breakfast, Lloyd directly went to his courtyard. He placed a mat on the open space and sat cross-legged. Lloyd calmed his mind while closing his eyes. "Focus...Inner peace..." Lloyd whispered. Then suddenly, he opened his eyes and shouted, "White Dragon's Eye Technique, Activate!" "Wow! So colorful!" Lloyd was amazed by what he was seeing. The world suddenly became different and has become so much more colorful. "What are these dancing colors? Hmm? Are these the auras which the instructions on the te
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Chapter 5: Reunion
For the last two weeks, Lloyd has been in closed-door cultivation inside his residence. Every once in a while, Trisha brings him food. Unlike ordinary mortals, cultivators do not require frequent food intake because the mana in their dantian not only strengthens their body and spirit but also sustains it. There would even come a point in their cultivation journey where cultivators do not have to eat food ever again and remain perfectly healthy. That was one of the wondrous things that cultivators can do. Inside his residence, Lloyd was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. After an indeterminate amount of time has passed, he opened his eyes with a hint of disappointment mixed within. “Arghhh! So hard!” Lloyd said. “Why can’t I advance to the next realm? I am already on the third level of mana gathering realm and I have already absorbed the necessary mana needed for advancement but whenever I try to break through that barrier, something always tries to bl
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Chapter 6: True Friend
After Lloyd went inside his room, he directly went on top of his bed, sat cross-legged, then started his cultivation routine. Just like what he has been doing for the last few weeks, he focused his mind on condensing and compacting the mana inside his dantian. This process was the first requirement in order to breakthrough to the second realm, which was the Mana Creating Realm. After fully condensing all of the mana inside the dantian, the cultivator will then convert those mana into what is called chaos mana that was many times more powerful. That is why even though the mana gathering realm and the mana creating realm was just one realm apart from each other, cultivators in the mana gathering realm can never win against the cultivators of the mana creating realm. “Ow man! Why can’t I make a breakthrough!? This is just the second realm! I'm not even near the peak of my cultivation journey! Even most cultivators with orange-colored or normal body constitutions can make a brea
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Chapter 7: Trash of the City
"Gray Stone Grand Store", Lloyd mumbled. All of the infrastructures in the city, rather resembles the ancient Chinese buildings so it's not surprising to see that the store they were about to enter also has that style. Moreover, just like what Lloyd has seen so far from the buildings around the city, this store has a stone statue on both sides of the entrance. Although here, the statues were both grander and more beautiful than most normal statues found on the neighboring stores. They were fire phoenixes, their poses were also awe-inspiring because their fire wings were spread apart as if they were about to soar high up in the sky. These stone statues were made even more life-like due to the superb artisanship of the master stone carver. "Let's go in, Bro, Trisha," Francis said to the two who have been frozen in place. Lloyd and Trisha came back to their senses when they heard Francis. They were about to go in when something, no, someone hindered them in thei
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Chapter 8: A Mysterious Old Man
Lloyd and Trisha were about to go back to where Francis was standing to continue their search for affordable mana stones when Lloyd's pendant which is hidden under his shirt suddenly emanated heat.   "Huh?" Lloyd abruptly said.   "What's the matter, young master?" Trisha concernedly asked.   "Oh, It's nothing," Lloyd replied. He received some kind of a message from the pendant telling him to go to a specific place. Lloyd thought it to be some kind of a message because even though it was neither delivered through a voice transmission nor a worded message, the pendant's intention was still directly sent to Lloyd's mind.   They went back to where Francis was patiently waiting for them and then Lloyd proposed an idea.   "Guys, I think there's no more available mana stones in this store. Why don't we check the other stores?" Lloyd suggested.   "Okay, bro. Let's ch
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