The Outlaws

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The Outlaws

By: Jacky H. Wu OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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The story is about a fictional planet called Marvillista. where has a very modern civilization, there are many special things about this planet, one of them is there is only one race exists called the Astroys. This is an intelligent but warlike race, so there has been a clear division in terms of territory, and religion,... throughout thousands of years of history, as evidenced by the fact that 4 countries have been established, including a bigger country than the rest, called "Violeska"- country of culture and dominance. But that's not the most special thing about this planet. The story follows the journey of Jovie Thorium, a soldier who was discharged from the army and became a teacher at a prestigious school, but discovered the dark side of his country and began to change it from within. Through a alien, he accidentally knows about the existence of the strongest metallic substance...


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Chapter 1: ”Extradition Hearing”
Early one afternoon in the country of Violeska on the planet Marvillista, along the Conjunk neighborhood, where the Thoriums live, a delivery robot with a parcel in hand comes.“Hey, Mr. Robot! My house’s here!”- A shrill voice outside interrupts Jovie's precious short nap before he resumes his tutoring in an important place in the afternoon. It’s the voice of his mother, Sev Thorium. After receiving the goods ordered two days ago, she immediately runs up to Jovie's room, repeatedly knocks on the door, and shouts:“Wake up, boy! The delivery robot delivered an item that i’d ordered for two days. I want you to come out here to see and show me how to use it. I have to bring it to the extradition hearing later.”Jovie wakes up by her mother's high-pitched screams even though he is wearing wireless headphones and turning the volume to be high, so he opens his eyes, sits up from the multi-purpose pillow, and shouts:"Come on, that's a freak at all."“What do you mean? What you said is smea
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Chapter 2: "The Bad Guys"
Hochi takes a look at the crowd around him without flinching even though he knows in the eyes of those people he is like a dangerous criminal and traitor. A resident incites everyone's hatred towards Hochi by pointing his finger at him and shouting: “You traitor bastard, how can you be so calm after returning to your hometown to commit crimes against the empire? Do you have any shame left? Do you think that's cool? Guys, this guy doesn't show any remorse for what he's done, so we don't need to respect him anymore. Swear him, slander him severely, until he hang his head in shame." So the crowd around him immediately begin to respond, constantly giving Hochi disparaging, killing, and merciless insults. except Jovie's mother. She just stares at Hochi and keeps her silence for a long time. Jovie turns his mouth to her mother's ear and asks: "Mom! Mom! What are you thinking about?" "Ah, I'm just looking at that poor Hochi," says Sev with a sigh. “Why do you pity for him? Isn't he the
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Chapter 3: ”Liar and Whistleblower”
After reminiscing about a difficult time before, Jovie realizes he, like everyone else here, are waiting to hear an explanation or rather a confession from that dangerous criminal. It's because he don't know Hochi a lot, his information is less than the imperial hymns he've watched on television. As the crowd boos and curses Hochi incessantly, he still sits there, without any expression of anger or depression, instead in a relaxed posture . It can safely to say that his face is almost emotionless. It’s as if he is enjoying the fresh air, the gentle rays of the early morning on the last day of his appearance in his homeland. Suddenly Babilo makes a gesture to ask the crowd to keep silence, says: “Now everyone, hold back your rage, there's no point in venting your anger on a dying criminal. Dear compatriots, as someone who has spent a lot of time researching and chasing Hochi, I would like to ask everyone for silence few minutes so that I can make something important public." Everyon
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Chapter 4: "The Riot"
Hochi still refuses to stop, despite Babilo's acceptance of being a two-faced person to harass him: "Every year young people who are 18 years old or above were sent to the country to learn about Violeska history and culture and participated in harsh military training courses so that they could later serve as soldiers for the government army. During the actual wars on the peninsulas, many young men were no more, their bodies were not properly buried but only placed in coffins piled on top of each other. Those who were still alive were either disabled or suffering from severe mental sequelae, and had no choice but to desertion. Sadly, for families with dead or disabled children, there was no compensation for war benefits from the government, so some of them had to suppress their grief and pain in their hearts to bury their dead children's bodies, some were raising their crippled children without any help for the rest of their life." People begin to be shocked by the accusations about
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Chapter 5: “Story of Aru”
When the car is gone, just in time Jovie wake up, and the royal army also arrived. The commander of the group bows to Babilo and says: "Forgive me for the delay, are you injured?" Babilo without a word of rebuke, gently says: "I'm fine. Everything is still under control." Jovie holds his head, rubs his eyes, and stands up. Suddenly, a soldier standing in the ranks exclaims when saw Jovie: "Oh, Jovie. Why... why are you here?" "Eh, Gerl, is that you?" When the commander sees Jovie, he exclaims: "Mr. Jovie, isn't it? Why don't you go to class but stay here?" "Ah, I just helped General Babilo fight against a group of rebels who want to rescue Hochi. In a minute of carelessness, I have been beaten by one of them and then fainted... Wait for a second, where are the men in black? Did you let them go?" "Sorry. When we get here, they are nowhere to be found. Just to see that Hochi is still here with the General Babilo." "Hey, are you really the only one who fights against those rea
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