The Ruthless Son-in-law

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The Ruthless Son-in-law

By: Bella Starr Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Dylan Clifford, once an arrogant and feared billionaire lost everything he owned to his family after the death of his parents. Even his so-called wife rendered him useless. He was humiliated in so many ways until a man he has always heard of but never seen came to him and handed him the key to the number one wealthiest company in the country.


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87 chapters
Welcome to Flame Hills city in Melrovia where the poor and wretched find it hard to fit in. It's a city having different estates and skyscraper building in different forms and shapes.A place were poverty stricken people can't afford.Among the five richest family was the one at the lowest called the Harpers. Madame Sharon Harper was among the most beautiful even in her late forties. She had a short blonde hair that was styled so beautiful and a make up on that accentuated her blue eyes and blue corset dress she was wearing.There was a big proud smile on her face as she stared at everyone who attended her birthday event with so many beautiful gifts her eyes yearn for.It was twilight in Melrovia and the Harper's residence were filled with brilliant lights and cheerful noises.Every guests that was present were mostly men of big families. Men who has their eyes on her first daughter, Hermione.It was time to get her gifts so she sat on a big designated red and golden chair. One of the
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Dylan fell on both his knees, unfazed by the fact that he was told to kneel. He was desperate so he could do anything.His aunt, his mom's sister was the only family that took him in after his father's family banished him and rendered him useless. Her dying and him not knowing what to do about it and how to help will forever eat at his conscience.He usually made things difficult for her and even if she hardly says it, he knew and now she's on the brink of death.Everyone kept laughing hysterically like they were watching the biggest joke of the year.Hermione could only shake her head while her sister, Madeline sighed since she actually felt pity for him. She always liked him and she knew her family was being unfair toward him."It's been long we know you're an ordinary pussy, Dylan. Look at you." A man derided.But Dylan was unfazed, his gaze was more fixated on his mother-in-law, Sharon. "Help me save my aunt." He begged.Sharon chuckled. "Look who's begging, Dylan. Oh, how the mig
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Dylan left the villa and into the busy street, looking like his world has turned to complete nothingness. He still couldn't believe he ended up becoming a sad loser. He gritted his teeth cause the horns of every vehicle that pass by aggravated his anger.Why did he have to be unfortunate? Why did his mom and dad die so pitifully leaving him in a wicked and unfair world?A world that he thought he had in his grasp but only to be whipped by it a thousand folds.And now, the only family he has is fighting for her life but he's got nothing that could save her. How more unfortunate can his sorry life become?Even his own beloved wife turned her back on him and is now planning to marry another man, his own cousin, under his watch. But it's not going to happen.Even with nothing, he'll die first before he agrees to any divorce.He let out a shaky and tired breath as the condition of his aunt absorbed his memory once again. What is he gonna do? He can't just let her die. He can't lose her.Agr
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Is he dreaming or did he just hear ten billion dollars? This isn't even the kind of prank someone should be pulling because it's way too expensive.Clifford cooperation was formidable in it's heyday with a market value of three hundred billion but most of them were fixed assets. From what he knew, his father doesn't even have up to ten billion dollar cash in his bank so everything Lord Owen was saying sounded impossible.How can his dad have such a wealth and he didn't know about it? It's hilarious.Apex conglomerate was out of Clifford Cooperation league. It was rumored to have trillions of dollars in assets and it even had a huge influence in the underground world. He couldn't believe his own father created such a behemoth and he didn't know about it.Lord Owen sensed he was still in disbelief and he spoke again to make him understand. "Mr. Clifford was a genius. You might not know this but your father initially founded C.C not your grandfather.""What?""Back then, after seeing his
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Dylan knocked on the primary physician's office. It didn't take long for him to hear an approval to come in then he entered.Seeing him, the doctor immediately stood up in surprise. Putting her white jacket in order with a bright smile on her face. "Mr. Dylan. You're here."His aunt's primary doctor was Dr. Lydia Mayfair and she was only twenty-four years old. At that age, she was already a renowned doctor with a good track record. She was also very beautiful with short brown hair and hazel eyes.Dylan frowned at her, wondering why she was looking so flabbergasted at the sight of him, but business was more important. "I don't know how you train your employees in this hospital cause right now, I'm angry at the fact that one of them called Rita exited my aunt out of the ward because of my inability to pay. If anything happens to my aunt, I want her life."Her eyes widened at the information. "Oh, my God. That happened? That bitch! Doesn't she know her place?" She voiced out and left her
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Dylan arrived at the Harper family's villa. Even though it was called a villa, it was just an unremarkable little three-story building. It was a far cry from a real villa.One of the guards in the villa walked toward him. "The madame will be angry if she sees you.""But you're gonna let me in, anyway, and besides what can she do?" He asked the guard. "I'm the man of the house, Romeo. I'm still part of this family so you can't stop me from visiting my wife, do you understand?"The guard nodded. "Of course."Dylan looked up and saw the light in Hermione's room was off so he wondered if she was already asleep. He didn't even know if he should believe any words coming out of madam Sharon's mouth. She was deceitful anyway. She likes to make things up just to fulfill the fantasies in her head.Rushing toward the door to the villa, he stopped in his tracks as he saw what made his heart suddenly become uneasy. His widened eyes stared at Hermione and Sean coming out of the living room, holding
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The next day, Dylan just sat on a bench in the hospital as he patiently waited for the surgery to be over. He wasn't sure he has ever been so anxious or scared. He didn't feel this way when his parents died because their death was unexpected. It just happened so there was nothing to feel anxious or scared about. He only felt pain and that's it.But with his aunt, the fear in him pierced his heart like a sword. He could only wait and pray the surgery is successful like the doctor promised. She's the only family he's got. The only one who showed him love and took him in when everyone insulted him and turned their back on him.He looked and saw the door of the ward open making him stand up to see Dr. Lydia taking off the mask on her face, still wearing the blue scrubs. He gulped as he anxiously expected something good."How's she?" He asked her.Dr. Lydia smiled. "I told you it was going to be successful, so chill, Mr. Dylan. The surgery was successful."Dylan let out a breath of relief.
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They arrived at the third floor where they needed to go to get the 'love in a city' necklace, found the counter, then he narrowed his eyes as he saw the person in charge of the necklace was an acquaintance.She was his wife's best friend, Martha. An opposite of Hermione. She was also one of the people who felt pity and he remembered how she apologized on behalf of Hermione.After Martha heard the reason they were there, she looked at Dylan with a frown on her face. "What is this, Dylan? What joke are you trying to play here? You, buy the 'love in the city' necklace?" She sighed and shook her head. "Just leave."Dylan sighed. "I'm serious.""Not too long ago you were looking for money to pay for your aunt's hospital expenses and now you're here to buy that expensive necklace? Do you think I'm an idiot?"Rita and fattie burst out laughing.Then Rita said, "Don't mind him, he's pretending to be rich. I don't understand what he's going to get out of it but enough of it before you disgrace
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Martha looked at Dylan with mixed emotions. The night suddenly became a long one for her with different questions spiraling in her head but she was scared. She knew it was best to keep shut but how can she?Then finally she gained the courage and asked, "I don't understand, Dylan…"She gained Dylan and Mr. Grayson's attention." can you be able to casually buy a thirty million dollars worth of necklace? How can you be so rich? Have you been fooling everyone? Have you been deceiving Hermione and madame Sharon?"Dylan shook his head. "You won't understand.""Then make me understand! What is all this? You just waltz in here and dare to buy such an expensive necklace when long ago you were begging for alms? You're unbelievable, Dylan…""How dare you…"Dylan immediately stopped Mr. Grayson's hard from hitting Martha. "Don't hit her." He told her before looking at Martha who already flinched in fear with her face distorted."She dares insult you, master Dylan. She has no respect for y
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Martha escorted Dylan out of Avant-garde and they stopped at the entrance before facing each other. Things were awkward between them as they walked because she wasn't sure she understood everything that had happened."So that necklace, I assume it belongs to Hermione." She decided to start their conversation from there.Dylan looked at the black little box and nodded. "Obviously. Who else is it for?"Martha sighed and said, "You know she will find it hard to believe the authenticity. You know how she is."Dylan shrugged and responded, "It doesn't matter. It will be her loss and she'll end up regretting it later on.""Why won't you tell her? You know that if she knows, she'll stop the nonsense she's doing with your cousin.""And you think I'm gonna openly accept her back?" He questioned with a poker face expression.She swallowed, then a frown formed on her face. "You want to divorce her?" She curiously asked.He shook his head. "Of course, not. She'll always be my wife and I won't let
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