The Trillionaire's Heir

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The Trillionaire's Heir

By: Renglassi CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Damon is the poorest son in-law of the billionaire family of Lilian, his wife, whose mother in law treats him as the worst and does everything in her power to get rid of him because of his financial status, despite the fact that he has a child with her daughter, they want him gone, but when worst comes to worst, Damon discovers a powerful secret about his child and the selfishness of his wife which breaks him, but he gets stunned more to discover that He's the richest man alive.


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270 chapters
Chapter 01
Vroom! I drove towards the gate of my family house as I horned watching the security man open the entrance as I got into the compound. I came out from my wife's Mercedes Benz, dressed up in a blue short jean short trousers and a black oil stained white T-shirt as I walked into the family house glancing about the room before I sat down thinking how my daughter Esther who had not rushed to welcome me. I was an engineer who had to work in a garage by the roadside repairing cars to take care of my wife and my daughter… I had to support my family in everything because I was the man of the house and I did not want my wife to look down on me or ever lack because she comes from a rich family and is somehow beginning to slowly withdraw from me, which I could notice too. Something just did not seem okay about the day… I kept having these heartbeats and strange fears. “Ah my head.” I heard a voice say out loud, but I ignored it. “Help!” I heard the same voice following that former statement
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Chapter 02
Damon's - [P.O.V] "Lilian a divorce?" I asked back as I could not believe she had just asked for a divorce... I didn't want to even believe those words came out from her mouth. "You know what... It is getting too much... We can talk about this divorce after we have saved our daughter's life." I said to her as I held my bleeding heart walking out. "Like I even care if she dies." She said from behind me and I paused in shock. "Lilian, why would you say such a thing?" "Isn't she your daughter?" I asked turning back to look at her as she spits over the floor as she looks at me. "I discovered how much I hate poor people!" She says to me in hate. I breathe out in skips. Till I had finally exhaled the air in me. This had to be the devil working. "Lilian, stay with Esther at least." I said to her as I rushed out of the hospital. I held my phone up as I called my garage landlord for help. "Hello sir." I said. "Yes Damon... How can I help you today?" He asked my tears to roll off.
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Chapter 03
Damon's [P.O.V] Ding! The alarm rings as I rush up from my bed rubbing my hand through my hair as Esther's photo glass frame falls from my hand onto the floor. The glass broke into pieces and even tore her photo in the frame into two, making me really shocked. Was that a sign? Like a bad Omen? I bent down picking it up as I stared at my beautiful daughter's torn photo for a while before I heard the door alarm ring again... I dropped her picture over a desk close to the door as I hurried downstairs. I opened the door and it's Lilian. She uses her hand to push me into the house as she walks in, seated over one of the parlour's chairs. "Hello Damon... Here are the divorce papers, please go ahead and sign it." She says dropping the document over the table for me to sign. It was even too early for me to be get a divorce agreement this fast but nevertheless, I wanted one thing alone and that was for her to get cash from her family since they wanted me gone as soon as possible then
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Chapter 04
Damon's [P.O.V] I can't give up on getting help from my wife as agreed, at least her family is rich enough to take care of Esters medical bill. I rushed upstairs showering before later getting a cab that would take me where I knew Lilian would be... In her family house... That was my last hope. Soon I had arrived there to see many other cars parked in the huge compound as I began to wonder why it was rather odd than normal because the compound was never this crowded with luxurious cars like it is right now. I walked into the mansion from the front entrance of the mansion to see Lilian coming in from the back entrance of the building with different family members in the middle who were seated in the massive majestic looking parlour. In a few seconds... Shock runs through the entire room which makes them stay quiet. I could tell that today was their family reunion. And I felt a bit weird about it too. "I really don't understand... Why is he here and for what?" Lilian's mum fired
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Chapter 05
Damon's - [P.O.V] The cab driver stopped in front of the hospital. I paid him before rushing through the entrance stairs of the hospital. The door automatically opened as I saw the doctor talking to someone before spotting me from the side. "Please follow me." He said, leading me into a room where I was asked to sit down as some nurses came holding my arm. "We are going to first test your blood so we can know if it's a perfect match for baby Esther, okay?" The nurse said as they slowly started their preparations and soon had taken my blood as well. "So do you want to know if your blood group matches with her or should we do a wilder test." The doctor asked me. "Do what's best!" I responded to him. "Wilder test it is." He replies. After some good minutes he comes back into the room where I sat down. "Mr Damon, we are done with the blood test and it is rather strange as the results prove that you don't have a blood group that matches with Esther nor are you the biological father
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Chapter 06
Damon's [P.O.V] She let Esther die like that. I walked down the stairs headed into my luxury car packed waiting for me. Housekeeper is a good time keeper. "We would be taking you to your new home young master." I hear the housekeeper's voice say as the car drives off. I was lost and almost insane throughout. How did Charles manage to love a woman so heartless she never said a word about him being the father till Esther gave up. Both Charles, Lilian and her entire family are responsible for the death of my daughter Esther and I will deal with them in the language that they understand. Soon we reached a mansion. Housekeeper took me to my room where he asked me to shower and have a coffee before I took a quick rest before we talked. I really had so many things on my mind. Esther especially bothered me a lot. Her memories kept brushing through my eyes as I sat over the bed staring at the window that was just beside the room. "Daddy, I'm sorry I couldn't make it." I heard a voi
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Chapter 07
Damon's - [P.O.V] Greetings! "Nice to meet you sir." The lady brilliantly says as she stares at me in the night warmer man gown which I was putting on. "And who are you?" I asked her in return. "Oh you can call me Serah, I'm the acting CEO and representative of Monroevile incorporation, your father's company." She says to me swiftly and nicely. "Nice to meet you Serah, how can I help you?" I asked her back in return. "Well, I wanted to give you information regarding you taking over your father's company as the CEO by tomorrow." She said to me and I smiled back at her. A knock occurs over the door again and I answered for whoever was there to come in... Definitely it has to be the housekeeper and I was indeed right. "Housekeeper." I said as he walks in. "Yes young master, I was about to introduce her to you but It seems you both had already started a conversation." He said to me and I signed back. "Oh well, I think she has said the exact reason why she came here today." I said
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Chapter 08
Damon's - [P.O.V] I walked back to my bed. My daughter's spirit wants me to be happy but she needs to understand wherever she is that I am really sorry for letting my oppressor press on her daddy so badly that he even ended up losing her too. I looked over the table to see that dinner was already served. I quickly finished up the meal and ate even the fruits so I could have a healing sleep. I really needed to recover. My life was just threatened a while ago about getting closer again to my wife. It's hilarious because we are divorced already and I don't intend having anything to do with her again even though I love her. I lay on my bed sleeping. While I was slipping. I could tell I was dreaming. I could feel something really silky and soft like over my dick but I didn't want to move. I just hoped I wasn't peeing over the bed. Soon, I felt a hand rubbing through my chest and then back again to my dick. I giggled in horniness before I opened my eyes to see a naked girl over
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Chapter 09
Damon's - [P.O.V] "I was thinking that my daughter was probably at the mortuary by now, not knowing she was buried without her father's consent... Am I that irrelevant?" I said to her really upset to the core. "Well I am not your mother, nor your wife or your baby mama... If you want to pay Esther a visit, you can visit St - Louis cemetery block four, good bye." She says as she cuts the call. I rushed back downwards, grabbing the roses over the side of the entrance door as I looked at the Housekeeper staring at my father's grave. He was probably lost thinking. "Mr Williams, I need the car key." I said to him as he turned to look at me. "What's the matter, calm down." He says to me but I just could not calm my hurting nerves. "My daughter! Keys!?" I yelled. "Fine, I'd follow you." He says rushing towards the car as well as he threw the car keys for me to hold. I collected the car keys, started the car's engine and we drove out of the huge compound as I headed straight there. A
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Chapter 10
Damon's - [P.O.V] Soon we had reached home. I could not control my tears as much as I thought my body would be able to as I step out from the car. "But Tell me something Williams... Do I deserve all these things that are happening to me?" I asked him. "Ofcourse not, young master... You don't deserve them at all " He responds reassuring me. "I have something to tell you." He said to me. "Okay what is that?" I asked him. "Serah has been taken." He says to me as I looked at him surprised at his words. "Jeez! Williams... I was just sobbing a minute ago, yet here you are, trying to make me look bad for admiring her shape." I said to him as we both stared at each other and then smiled too. But that flirty smile turned into a pile of sadness. I called the doctor. I had given the doctor, a million dollars to save Esther's life but he still failed me. "Hello Good day sir." He said after picking. "How come doctor... I still lost her and I gave you a million dollar... Or was it not e
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