Unsheathed Heir

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Unsheathed Heir

By: Snowpinch OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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As the heir of the Stark family Joshua, a young frustrated son-in-law, ascended the ladder to the highest chain in the social pyramid just when they thought they could take him down. Life veers around. The mysterious alchemy behind karma unravels and rains. "A glass of Budweiser. Welcome home son, you've got the flame in you." He pulled him in for a tight hug. "All I did was remind him that his debt was due in a month." Said Joshua mildly. "Let's start from here, why don't you let them hear the clamour of a gladiator."


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166 chapters
Chapter one
“Pamela,” Joshua called her name groaning. “You don't have to be this rude,” Joshua complained as he wrung the hand towel and cleaned her shoe. He gazed up at her, the things he found attractive about her; her strong personality residing in her sharp brown eyes. Pamela Mason flushed and darted her eyes away from Joshua. “You are just an annoying piece of shit. Don't you have any decency? JOSHUA!” She spat in an enormous tone at him. Joshua rubbed his face frustrated, belittled and chunked. He had helped her from the mess she got herself into when she got involved with the fraudsters at the hotel. They had been married after their encounter since that day upon her father's request. If only he wasn't there, she and her family company would have liquidated. He was like an angel that saved her. But now a fallen angel. “I've done nothing but support you, and yet you don't want to get your ass to work! Like who does that?!” she shouts at him. He popped his head inside the living ro
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Chapter two
Distressed and annoyed he came home, he buzzed the gate electrode and the gate was steadily opened. He drove through the driveway to the front of the main building, his eyes sure saw the least he expected. “Dorcas, what is the meaning of this? Why is all this here?!” He questioned, after parking the car. Just like every other person she saw him as a futile being and neglected him. She hissed and walked into the house, and the mother-in-law stepped outside. “Don't shout at her pervert! What are you doing here again? You decided your fate by harassing me in the hospital earlier. Do you think I won't take action? You're screwed. I also got a call from my husband, you worthless gord! Is this how to treat your helpers?” She smeared at him. Joshua ran his hands through his face, the taunting he was receiving was enough to have him lose a rib. “I didn't mean—” He wanted to say but was interrupted. “Of course, I expected that from you, with all your filthy silly excuses, let's see who w
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Chapter three
Joshua fiddled with his trousers and his pocket luckily he found a coin. The last penny he happened to have with him. He thought 'if I go there, Cindy would be generous and hopefully she could help me out.' He knew how she wanted to be a philanthropist one day, her dream every time she sees orphaned kids. When things were fine and business was flourishing for him, he supported her. So attending the gathering was more like her calling him to repay his kindness towards her. "Third avenue please." He said to the taxi driver as he hopped in. "Sir, fasten your belt please." The taxi driver insisted and he pulled the belt from the side of the seat and fastened it, hooking the two faces together. It was surprising to him how he got little regard from the taxi driver and not from those around him. He urged them to at least trust him, even a fallen tree tends to regenerate, but like a peanut, he was downgraded, and his wife has completely formed a scion with her family. Sleeping on the st
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Chapter four
He adjusted in the seat, taking a better view. "I thought you had died in the car accident years ago, but I was shocked when I saw your blood matching that of mine." "My blood? How come I never recall giving you my blood." "Oh, you forget so easily. I have a rare blood group and it happened that you donated yours to the hospital out of goodwill or maybe you sold it. I became curious afterwards and asked them to trace your background." "No, no it was out of goodwill." He kicked against it. He was very charismatic. When he was growing up, having little he would share with those that were in a worse condition than he was. "So what does that have to do with you? Can you please stop the car, I need to get down, you must be greatly mistaken. Not that your blood group isn't on the universal list. And mind I'm not the only one with that blood " The driver obeyed as Mr Stark nodded his head through the rearview mirror. He halted the brake pulling over. "Lizzie, your mother, died that ni
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Chapter five
The morning sun streamed through the window to the bed. Joshua groaned and stretched his body like he hadn't done for the last few days. He reached for his phone beside him, that is where he usually left it but couldn't find it, only to realize he connected it yesterday. "Oh no, it's after eight. What happened?" On the norm, he never sleeps this late, not when he would hear a loud thud on the door from Mrs Bridget Mason waking him up very early. He wrapped his towel around his waist, he had such a built body and his abs were sexy. He had girls flocking all over him if he was to go to a brothel or the beach, even when he had nothing, they still tripped over him. At the diner, they were all seated for breakfast. Trisha along with the mother-in-law was shoving the sausage in their mouth. Pamela mouthed. She intended to break the news that Joshua would no longer be babysitting his mother again, just then he walked in and there was a glare that set the room to a lousy thunder. "Mum,
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Chapter six
He held his head high as he stepped out of the chamber. His face twitched into a satisfying smirk that reached the corner of his chartreuse eyes. He wasn't expecting today to be as prolific as it turned out to be. Not the slightest; his charges were cleared and aside from that, being a successor of the Stark made him more thrilled. He has thought and reasoned about how to go about the boycott on him and his business but greater plans were in stock for him. "Did we see you just coming out of there?" Brandon asked, scooping the document in his hand and handing it over to the lady that stood beside him. It was Sidney, his wife she has fine lines and dusty blond hair that would have any man swoon over her, but Joshua didn't catch a glimpse of her even when she had looked at him seductively like a whore over several occasions, The patriarchs were just looking for a loop to stick their noses. The Starks were no ordinary people in the chain, a lot marvel at how they have maintained the
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Chapter seven
"I thought you'd decided to leave after everything, barely spent a day and you've started skipping days," Victoria said tugging the smooth end of the fabric that bulged out. He didn't want the nagging that the manager was throwing at him, it was as if he intentionally picked on him because he naturally hated the Masons. "And then it sucks for you to get rejected, doesn't it?" The young girl said as she darted away from him. After some good minutes, he was already stuffing the candy foam into a transparent container following Victoria's instructions. Children these days especially the ones at the museum were out of manners and that baffled him, when he was small he begged his aunt if only he could go on the school excursion but had he participated, the home treasury would be drained and that means a flat for them for days. "That doesn't make sense 'cause I'm not dead, I'm I?" He muttered as he yanked some of the sweets wrappers and tucked them frantically inside. "Joshua! That bette
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Chapter eight
The door clicked open. "You might have been wasted coming home this late. How does it feel to work your milk bone out?" Mrs Bridget said as she relaxed on the sofa her manicured leg crossed stylishly and she tuned the television set using the remote in her hand. Trisha was with her also, "Mum it's not even him, it's Pamela, his wife." She cleared, rolling her eyes. "Good evening mother," She ignored her comment. "It's so good you've found your husband a job. I don't have to sit watching him like Mona Lisa all through." She let out pacing herself into the sofa. "Yes ma'am, I tried and he didn't hesitate, happy now?" "That is a very dumb thing to do Pamela, it's an insult to the Masons now that he is working in a museum, can you remind me of his post? What he does there…" "Not now, I'm tired and worn out from the office." She dropped her bag into the seat. "Museum! You're so shamelessly supporting that minging pillock!" "Dad knows about it and it's okay since he's getting himse
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Chapter nine
She yanked the comforter from his body. "You should get to see it because you can't remain on his bad side forever." "I'm not interested." He relaxed back. Working all through and not a day off was overlapping.Pamela left the room with a hiss, curled up. He picked up his phone from under his pillow and dialled the number from last night."Mr Stark, good morning." She greeted in a low tone yawning, it shows she too had gone to bed late. "I didn't recall you informing me that your crazy plan was to create competition in the market.""Oh, that? I'm so sorry sir, it was the chairman that proposed it, it's not yet credible it's just a proposal, how did you get to know?""Words get out real quick these days, and I'm not pleased with it, if it's the publication, and I want that person nitpicking found now and then. So figure it out and deal with it.""You're right Mr Stark, I'm sorry for such poor management." She rubbed her eyes."That still doesn't count unless it's tackled down."Joshu
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Chapter ten
Laura's utterance had made to be silent during their walk to the garage. "I didn't expect you to say those things you had back there," Joshua said and her gaze snapped at him, cutting her from her thoughts. "It was nothing, I needed to let them know what they ought to believe." She peeked at him with a soothing smile. "Which was?" "Mr Joshua Stark," she called head-on with him. Her eyes didn't lie, fearless and tough. "You wanted to lay low right? How about you keep your detention from the sight of your in-law? I heard they love seeing you suffer, this won't help you in laying low as you demanded, it might be bad having such police twice even if this is minor." She cleared the gloom around him, he was curious as to how she knew about him and that he was detained. Maybe until when he has reconvened. "Yeah, you did me a huge favour. It was Sunday and I happened to stumble upon them, they had such vile expectations." "Seems the sheriff had imposed new laws, especially for the elit
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