Fever Dream

As the day progressed, Maru remained huddled in her blanket.

"Maru," Rick gently called out.

However, she did not look up.

"How about we eat something?" He suggested as he began walking over.

Maru quickly hid her face in the blanket.

Rick sighed as he sat down.

"Maru, you seriously need to eat something," he paused.

The blanket began shaking.

"Maru..." He whispered.

"Please tell me you're not..."

He quickly pried the blanket off her head.

Maru squeaked.

Rick touched his lips to her forehead.

His eyes widened.

"You're burning up!" He cried.

He quickly rose, rushing to the refrigerator.

He went into the freezer, quickly grabbing an ice pack.

Damnit! How the hell was I so clueless!? He thought to himself.

As Rick got back to the couch, he gently placed the ice pack on the girl’s forehead. She flinched.

"Maru..." He whispered, caressing her

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