One of the mysteries surrounding the power of love was our feelings for a particular person, animal, or thing. And our belief that without such animate or inanimate objects, we will always be incomplete.

Some section of oriented thinkers acknowledges that each one of us has a unique mate that was created only for us, while some argue that each one of us is partnered with some sections of people who were born under specific astrological patterns.

Whether we choose to agree or disagree, it's been proved beyond reasonable doubt that for everyone one of us, there is a special spouse that can make us feel fulfilled.

The mood in El Ramon's palace was as grand as usual, and happiness can be seen radiating on the faces of all the inhabitants, except a lady.

Her name is Ajasa, and she was sad because she has not seen her lover since she arrived.

When overwhelmed by tremendous grief, Ajasa dropped the tray of fruits in her hand, turned, and walked into a corridor that leads to the main parl
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