Metempychosis: Quest of Rebirth

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Metempychosis: Quest of Rebirth

By: DLustery OngoingFantasy

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A young man woke up to a world of magic and endless possibilities. He was transmigrated. Great! Only that he now had three huge problems. One, he had no memories of his past. Two, he was a villain destined to die no matter the outcome. And three, the heroines were all kinda... should he say, obsessed? Yeah, he was fucked. [Note] No Yuri. Conflicting emotions of MC due to loss of memory for the first part. Huge plot twist, so don't fall for whatever you see. NTR? probably not, or maybe. Beta MC? Big No. Harem? Yes! Don't ask me how but I'll make it possible.

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  • DLustery


    This is my book so I'll obviously rate it five stars. But seriously, try it out and comment!

    2024-03-28 00:29:19
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10 chapters
[1] Prologue [Edited]
Soon after the enflamed magnificent sphere hid behind the horizon, a crescent shaped moon convoyed by an ocean of stars claimed the night, and an icy chilling breeze arrived soon after.Within the city of Meden, precisely in a town situated in the heart of the dirty and dreadful area known as shantytown, there was an peculiar looking street accommodating a plethora of buildings aligned in a zigzag pattern.Those buildings were built without any consideration of the environmental hazards and health related impact it would create; it was solely built with the objective of making money.They buildings were poorly built, each of them looking like a ton of blocks stacked together with no planning whatsoever.Well there’s a reason it’s called the slums, I guess.Anyway, one of those half-baked apartment housed a caramel brown haired youth with pale white skin, and tugged in shabby clothes.And when I say pale white skin, I mean he looked unhealthy as hell!From his unkempt hair, worn out clo
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[2] Invitation
As a jolt of raw energy crackled through his veins, Leo's eyes snapped open, wide with shock and disorientation. He found himself sitting upright, his gaze flitting around the opulent bedroom, each unfamiliar detail prickling his senses with disquiet. A nagging unease, like a forgotten melody on the tip of his tongue, hummed beneath the surface."Mel?" he rasped, reaching out into the echoing silence.Only the ghostly whisper of his own voice answered."Guid..." he started, but another voice, sharp and laced with annoyance, cut him off."Don't! Not that name," it snapped, her tone daring him.Ignoring the sharp rebuke, curiosity warred with apprehension within Leo. "What's happening? Why am I not flat on my face?" he demanded, his voice laced with urgency and a hint of fear.A pause, then a reply tinged with frustration, "Honestly, I don't know. I more focused on the memory integration, and fixing some potentially lethal glitches, so your physical state slipped my mind.""Potentially
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[3] Dinner
Words alone fail to capture the sheer grandeur of the mansion. It wasn't just a building; it was a living testament to extravagance, a symphony of opulence that commanded attention with every gilded detail. The sprawling estate, a marvel of manicured gardens framing its imposing facade, whispered tales of wealth and power. In the distance, the arena, a coliseum where knights clashed in monthly spectacles of valor, echoed with thunderous cheers.Butlers and maids, their movements precise and practiced, flitted like silent shadows, attending to their duties with unwavering dedication. The setting sun, a blaze of fiery hues, cast a radiant glow upon the scene, as if bidding farewell to another day in paradise.Leo and Anna, the maid, disembarked from the carriage, their footsteps echoing against the cobblestones as they approached the mansion's entrance. Awaiting them was another maid, her practiced smile guiding them towards the dining room with an efficiency that bordered on the uncan
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[4] Painful realization
As the last person melted out of the room, the heavy silence left behind tasted like indifference, tinged with a hint of pity. It was as if Leo had become invisible, his presence dismissed as inconsequential by those who just moments ago shared the suffocating air of tension.The practiced efficiency of the maids as they retreated was like whispers fading into the wind, and the butlers followed suit, their departure marking the end of the suffocating drama that had just unfolded.Yet, amidst the exodus, a single shadow lingered, a lone specter in the echoing emptiness. It was Rio, the embodiment of problems, a big bully in plane sight"Long time no see, brother," his voice crackled, laced with an irritating amusement. "I heard the gossip about how you mistreated that sweet little thing. So, just out of curiosity, was it spite against Father? After all, you had a fiancée, or should I say, had, since she dumped you!" His laughter echoed harshly, bouncing off the polished floors and orna
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As the morning sun, playful and mischievous, filtered through the knotted canopy overhead, it cast dramatic shadows that danced across the forest floor, a mesmerizing display that could send even the boldest squirrel scurrying back to its nest.Amidst this verdant spectacle, a carriage glided through the ancient woods, its opulent exterior, a luxurious blend of crimson and gold, gleaming defiantly against the backdrop of emerald hues. It rolled along with an air of regal pomp, as if on its way to crown a king, not traversing a mere woodland path.The magnificent steeds pulling the carriage were a sight to behold, their powerful muscles rippling beneath sleek coats as they surged forward with unwavering determination. Each hoofbeat echoed through the forest, a rhythmic symphony of strength and grace. Guiding the carriage with the seasoned finesse of a master navigator was an aged rider, his understanding of the terrain evident in every deft maneuver. He navigated the labyrinthine path
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"What in the actual fuck?!" Leo's jaw clattered to the cobblestones, his eyes bugging out like a startled frog as he beheld the colossal edifice before him.Uren chuckled, a mischievous glint in his emerald eyes. "Language, Leo. It wouldn't hurt to remember the library, would it?"Indeed, the structure before them wasn't merely a library; it was a monument to human ambition, a behemoth of glass and steel that scraped the very underbelly of the clouds. Imagine a skyscraper, then twist it ever so slightly, morphing its rigid lines into the graceful curve of a scimitar. Imagine that scimitar reaching a thousand feet into the cerulean expanse, each panel of glass shimmering like a captured sunbeam. This wasn't your quaint village bookstore; this was the Grand Archival Nexus, the repository of human knowledge, the whispered echo of countless generations."Hello? Leo? Your very own library in your very own duchy?" Uren teased, waving a hand in front of his friend's slack face.Leo blinked,
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The ancient tome slipped shut, its worn leather whispering secrets Leo barely understood. Just hours ago, the futuristic elevator in the library had seemed like the peak of innovation, a marvel in his backwater duchy. Now, against the vast tapestry of this fantastical realm, it felt like a child's toy. The sprawling cityscape of Fortune dwarfed his domain, humming with the energy of a society transformed by the fusion of science and magic.Once sleepy duchies had blossomed into megacities, their economies soaring on the wings of this technological renaissance.But the prosperity wasn't equally distributed. The affluent, who had swiftly cornered the market, amassed glittering fortunes while the commoners struggled to survive. Kingdoms outside the imperial reach, unwilling to bend the knee, remained stagnant, their technological progress stunted like wilted crops.And that wasn't even the most shocking revelation.The world, he learned, was divided. Humans and elves, once bitter rivals
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Escape wasn't a luxury in this Game of Thrones reality; it was the grim difference between surviving and becoming another name etched on destiny's blood-splattered ledger. Penniless and powerless, a pawn with no queen, he was slated for sacrifice by fate's cruel hand. Whispers of danger slithered around him like vipers in the night: scheming siblings, a looming "protagonist," and the constant threat of becoming just another statistic. All he craved was the normalcy of soft hues, a life far from the blood-soaked canvas fate had thrust him upon.But escape, like a well-guarded fortress, demanded a key - a working mana core. For a mana-less nobody like Leo, such a trinket was as elusive as a dragon's hoard. Despair tugged at him, yet Leo, the ever-optimistic cockroach, clung to a sliver of hope, refusing to be squashed. His plan, audacious bordering on suicidal, was his only shot at scuttling out from under the boot of a cruel destiny.Fixing plot holes? His ass. He'd already discovere
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Mission begins
Leo's heart hammered a frantic tattoo against his ribs, each beat echoing the thunderous approach of the abominations. Their grotesque forms, twisted and contorted by the corrupted mana that fueled them, lurched closer, their sickly green skin pulsing with an otherworldly glow that sent shivers down his spine.These towering monstrosities, standing at a daunting seven feet tall, were a sight to behold, a tableau of nightmares given grotesque life. Some had four arms, each one rippling with bulging muscles that looked like they could crush stone; others had six legs, their insectoid limbs moving with a terrifying speed and precision. As they drew closer, he could see the twisted and mutated features of their faces, each one more grotesque and terrifying than the last. Their eyes glowed with a sickly green light, and their mouths twisted into jagged grins filled with razor-sharp teeth."What in the hell are those?!" he rasped, fear lacing his voice."Corrupted goblins," Mel's voice e
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Leo's eyes fluttered open, the stark contrast between the inky blackness of his vision and the vibrant tapestry of the night sky jolting him awake. Every twinkling star in the vast celestial expanse seemed to mock his disbelief. "I'm alive?" he rasped, the words thick with surprise and a touch of trepidation.He lowered his hand tentatively, his gaze sweeping across the breathtaking canvas above. A colossal white sphere, casting a soft, ethereal glow, dominated the scene, its luminescence reflecting off the leaves and grass around him."Itzzzzzzzzz done," Mel's voice glitched, the digital distortion sending shivers down his spine."Mel, what's wrong with you?" he asked, concern gnawing at him."I went beyond myzzz authority, to heal youzzzz," it explained, the static-laced voice leaving little room for argument.Hesitantly, Leo rose to his feet, a wave of gratitude washing over him. "Thanks. Now that the first phase is complete, we can move on to the second…" he began, trailing off as
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