A Monster's Den

After the first reunion of the Royal brothers, at least from Albert's perspective, they started seeing each other more and more often. 

It was kind of one sided since Albert decided to visit Reynold first in his palace with every chance he got. 

Reynold, who was also unable to control his expression in front of his brother, although he did complain everytime Albert visited, his words and actions were very different. 

They started having their lunch and dinner together since Albert would always barge in twice a day. Thrice sometimes as well. Both brother's were extremely happy on the inside, although one of them didn't show it properly. 

Few days later. 

It was time for them to visit Ian's mansion for their picnic. Albert and Reynold left the palace early in the morning to get there on time. Ian, who was also notified previously of Reynold's visi

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