Actions and Their Consequences
When Ian reached home, it was almost time for dinner. So he hurried back to his room with Corner following behind him. The servants jaw dropped seeing him covered in dirt and mud but they all closed their mouth when Ian said that he slipped and fell. Some of them were even worried about him getting injured but Ian said that he was fine.

After taking a proper bath to get rid of the stench and dirt, Ian ordered the servants to give the kid a warm bath as well. When the butler asked where he planned on keeping the kid, Ian replied with a short "In my room, of course." and left for dinner.

At the dinner table, Miller and Olivia was already waiting for him beforehand. Ian felt bad that he always kept them waiting and apologized.

"It seems I'm late again today. I apologize."

"It's fine son. I don't mind waiting for you."

Olivia looked at him and smiled. Her expression looked like she was looking at the most precious thing in the whole world. Ian felt awkward at that overwhelming affec
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