Creating a New Identity

Ian, who was calmly facing the group of seven in front of him, and those seven people in total guard trying to figure out Ian's next moves, they stood at a standstill for a while. 

"Don't you guys want to stop that spell? I can help."

Ian said, taking a step forward and crossing his arms. 

"You think we'll believe your bullshit?"

"Aren't you just trying to buy time for your friends, you sneaky bastard?"

"Pfftt... I just told you not to call me a bastard."

Ian chuckled as he saw them create stories. He knew more than anyone else that nobody else was coming. 

"He's laughing?"

"Maybe he has some screw loose?"

"People who plan mass murder are never sane, Joy!"

'Oh so that's Joy.'

Ian found the guy he was thinking about as he let them continue speaking. After locating Joy, he started observing him from top to bottom. 

'Looks average.'

The guy had brown curly hair and eyes of the

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