Dessert in Desert

Everything was peaceful.

It was so peaceful to the point of making Ian yawn in boredom.

"Why is nothing happening?"

He wondered as he looked up at the mountain ahead of him. They have been patrolling the area for a few days now but there were no changes at all.

"Maybe we should leave?"

Ash suggested from the side. Ian looked back at the kid and pondered for a moment. He wasn't wrong.

If the organisation had no plan of attacking these tigers then they were simply wasting their time right now. In the meantime, it was totally possible for some other village to be under attack.

It was entirely possible that they were peacefully wasting their time here while people that actually needed their help was dying somewhere else.

"Maybe we should.."

Seeing Ian agree with his suggestion, Ash had a look of satisfaction on his face. He had already taken care of what needed to be behind Ian's back, so there really wasn't any need for them to stay here any longer.

"Alright.. let's stay here for one
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