Flashback of that night-!

"What do you wanna do? Stay? Or leave?"

Rick asked while munching on a beef jerky. They decided to distance themselves for the time being after Ian accidentally let revealed his presence a while ago.

Right now, there were a few miles away from the tribal village. Everyone had already stopped concealing their presence and was just freely walking around.

They weren't particular doing anything, since there wasn't any order from Ian, neither did he say anything about setting up a tent. It wasn't that Ian was being indecisive, more like he was out of it.

The somewhat dazed expression on his face was evidence enough that his mind was somewhere else.

"Stay? Or leave?"

Rick nudged him from the side again, waiting for an answer. This time, Ian finally came out of his daze and looked to the side.

"Let's... stay the night.. just to make sure.. "

"Alright. So we're setting up the tent?"

Rick nodded his head hearing Ian's decision like it was obvious. And asked something which also had a quite
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