Made the Kid Cry

"There he is."

Ian pointed towards Rio as he fastened his paces. He felt an unknown sense of rush as his thoughts started to blur. 

Olivia didn't have much time left on her hand. Ian could feel it. He was carrying her, her body which seemed to have lost more than half their weight, her sunken cheeks and pale expression, they were all warning Ian of something bad as he held her close to him. 

As they approached the carriage, Rio took a quick glance at Olivia but pretended not to know anything. He was going to bring them through the shortcut if it looked like Olivia didn't have much time on her hand. 

But to his surprise, Olivia was hanging on quite well. Although her physique was breaking down, she didn't show any signs of giving up. So he decided not to reveal his cards in front of people who weren't Ian, and take the long way back. 

"Please hurry."


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