The Owner of the Forest?

"Hm? You're back?"

Ian looked at Rio, wondering what he went inside this time for. There was a look of annoyance on his face and it looked like he was grumbling. 

But Ian had no clue why he was acting like that. So he simply tilted his head to the side in confusion. 

"Change your clothes! Your parents will get a heartattack if they see you like that."

Grumbled Rio as he threw a pair of clothes at Ian's face. Ian caught the clothes and jumped down from the moose's neck. He looked at himself and there it was.

"A complete mess, alright."

His clothes had blood patches everywhere and was ripped here and there. There was a huge claw mark on his shoulder, and underneath it, the wound that was still bleeding. 

"This fucker won't heal?"

He mumbled as he took off his ripped up shirt, irritation visible on his face. A wound like that would only slow him down on his way ahead. And it was annoying. But then he remembered some

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