My Trustworthy Knights
Corner wanted Ian's guidance. And Ian complied with his request.They had quite the spectators by the time Corner started. Many knights approached them to watch their captain's demonstration.

Corner's attribute was water, the same water that represented their duchy. Ian was also curious about his combat abilities since Corner couldn't fight properly the last time when the monster's attacked. He had used up most of his mana casting barrier and protecting Ian.

Corner pulled out his sword. It was a longsword, different from their wooden swords and had a beautiful glow to it. Ian gauged that it was a pretty expensive one. Soon, the sword sparkled as water covered it's blade. He grabbed the helm with both of his hand and moved. Starting from the basic moves, his sword technique was a combination of thrusting, slicing and cutting the enemy cleanly. It was a sword style made for killing and nothing else.

Ian was quite amazed as he watched on with curiousity. The techniques of this world w
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