The beginning of Ian's Adventure

"So what's the plan?"

Louis asked after putting all the kids to sleep. Since he was the eldest, and the one who had accompanied Ian several times before in his secret outings, he figured Ian would give him some clue. 

"I'm going to look for a particular person."

"A person?"

"Yes. A little girl. She's.. in a lot of pain right now.. and desperately needs a savior.. "

Ian remembered the little girl from the novel. Even after three years, she'd still be little while she discovers something like that accidentally. 

'She must be tiny right now.'

"So we're saving someone.."

"Yes. And then we'll take her with us."

'Although I need to do a few things more before I do that.'

"I see.."

Seeing how Louis's questions soon came to an end, Ian wondered if he was

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