A Rural Village

Ash, Damon, Lucas, Louis and Henry, the five of them stood before Ian as Ian took a good look at them. He hadn't seen them for three whole days so he was a little too happy , like a doting, clingy parent. 

"Were you waiting for us, brother?"

Lucas asked. Seeing how Ian wasn't shocked or surprised after seeing them, and how he welcomed them as if he had been waiting for a long time, that's the impression Lucas got. 

"Of course I was waiting. Why else would I take a nap here?"

Ian jumped down from the tree branch and approached them. 

"So you knew.."

Ash wasn't too surprised since he could feel it to some extent. He would've done the same if he was in Ian's position, specially since Ian knew Ash would be able to track him. 

"Yeah. You guys came a long way. Was it hard?"

Ian started ruffling their hai

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