Harbinger Of Destiny

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Harbinger Of Destiny

By: Debauchery_Scholar OngoingSystem

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Claude was leading a normal life until one night, he witnessed a battle between two people with supernatural powers, which drew him into a mysterious and magical world. As he explores this new side of reality, he uncovers ancient gods and battles terrifying creatures, all while navigating dangerous organizations and secret societies with a system he gained out of nowhere. But what he didn't expect was that his very existence would play a significant role in this mysterious world. --- Disclaimer: This novel may be highly addictive. The story is set on the planet Earth that we currently inhabit, with some alterations

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8 chapters
A Fateful Night
Claude and Lumine sat side by side at their desks, their eyes drooping and their bodies slumped in exhaustion. Professor Smith was still rambling on about some obscure topic that none of them could follow. The fluorescent lights overhead flickered incessantly, casting a glow on their weary faces. Claude's eyelids felt heavy, and he struggled to keep them open, but every time he heard Professor Smith's voice, it was like a sedative that lulled him into a deep sleep. Lumine was the first to break the silence, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Man, I swear, Professor Smith's voice is like a lullaby. I can't help but doze off every time I'm in his class." Claude let out a loud yawn, stretching his arms and legs as he tried to ease the stiffness that had settled in his muscles. "I know, right? It's like he's hypnotizing us or something." "By the way, Lumine, let's be honest here. Is Professor Smith's voice really soothing, or is it just that his class is so boring that it puts you to sle
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A Hazardous Situation
Claude's heart raced as he watched the figure, hoping that he wouldn't approach him. He felt exposed and vulnerable, like a deer caught in headlights. But to his relief, the figure didn't move from his spot. Breathing a small sigh of relief, Claude slowly started to back away, careful not to turn his back on the mysterious figure. He kept his eyes on the stranger, afraid that any sudden movement might trigger a chase. As Claude took a step back, the figure cloaked in shadow stepped forward, his eyes fixed on Claude. "Have you seen my daughter?" the figure asked, his voice low and raspy. Contrary to his expectations. The man didn't immediately lunge in his direction while brandishing a sharp knife like a hot-blooded killer. Instead, the man asked his daughter's whereabouts as if he were just a random passerby asking for directions after getting lost for a long time. He hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to say. "I'm sorry, I haven't seen your daughter," Claude said, trying to s
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A Marvelous Spectatle
As Claude struggled in vain to break free from the clutches of the shadowy figures, he could hear the man's voice in the background, preaching with fervor. "You see, my friend, this is what happens when one defies the will of God. He punishes those who do not follow his path, those who stray from the righteous way. And you, my friend, have strayed far from the path. You have denied God's grace and rejected his offer of salvation. You have angered him, and now you must pay the price." The man's words echoed in Claude's mind, adding to his terror. He had never believed in God or any religion, but now he wondered if he had made a mistake. Was there really a higher power out there, one that could control his fate and punish him for his actions? He had always known that death was inevitable, but he never thought it would come in such a horrific way. As the shadowy figures closed in on him, Claude felt his strength give way. He collapsed onto the ground, and his body was wracked with pai
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Claude couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the vortex hovering behind the mysterious woman. It was as if hell had opened its door on Earth and was ready to unleash its fury. The vortex was dreadful to behold, and the surface was covered in foreign, ancient runes, making it appear more imposing than any black hole picture he had seen on the internet. The runes seemed to glow ominously, pulsating with a sinister energy that made Claude's skin crawl. The vortex itself was dark and menacing, swirling and pulsing with an otherworldly power that seemed to defy explanation. Claude's mind raced as he tried to comprehend what he was seeing. Was this some kind of portal to another dimension? A gateway to hell itself? Whatever it was, it was clear that the vortex was not of this world, and it was not to be trifled with. As he stared at the vortex, Claude felt the surrounding temperature rise, and he began to sweat profusely. The heat was intense, and he could feel his skin burning under the in
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Evernight City, 9.30 p.m. The moon shone brightly, casting a silvery glow over the entire city. It was as if a celestial being had draped a silky veil over the night sky, and the stars twinkled like diamonds against the dark canvas of the universe. The moon's light illuminated the streets, casting long shadows from the tall buildings and trees, creating an almost ethereal atmosphere. The tranquillity of the night was only interrupted by the distant sound of crickets and the occasional passing of a car. The beauty of the sky and the moon was a sight to behold, and it left a feeling of serenity in the hearts of all those who gazed upon it. As the night deepened, the world seemed to slow down and the only sounds that could be heard were the gentle rustling of leaves and the occasional hoot of an owl. The air was cool and crisp, carrying with it the sweet scent of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. In the distance, couples could be seen strolling hand in hand, their laughter and wh
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Everyone Has Their Own Quirks
After successfully convincing the dormitory security to let him in, Claude climbed up the stairs to the second floor and fumbled for his keys. His exhaustion had reached its peak and he couldn't wait to collapse onto his bed. Upon entering his dorm room, Claude was immediately greeted by the familiar sight of his roommates, Lumine and Bernard, who were engrossed in a game on their phones. As he scanned the room, Claude noticed that there were two other guys he recognized in the living room. One of them was busy cooking in the kitchen, while the other was staring off into space with a blank expression. The scent of cooking food wafted towards Claude, making his stomach growl in hunger. He realized that he hadn't eaten anything since lunchtime. However, when he saw the person who was responsible for the tantalizing aroma, he immediately resisted the temptation to sneak a taste. It was the guy with the blank expression who suddenly looked up and noticed Claude's arrival. His eyes wide
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Everyone Has Their Own Quirks (Part 2)
Content Addict, William.Claude and his roommates had given William this nickname, and it stuck. William was obsessed with creating content for his social media accounts, which included everything from photos of himself working out at the gym to videos of him sleeping. His Toktok user information read like a life biography, with details about his birthplace, zodiac sign, age, relationship status, and contact information.William was a pretty narcissistic person with a fiery passion for social media. He was someone who had the motto that everything must be done in style. When drinking, the process that could be done in a few seconds could be lengthened into fifteen seconds due to him acting in every possible way to look aesthetic. The same goes when he sleeps. He could spend a lot of time just adjusting his position to look artistic.Even Claude sometimes wondered whether William had some screws loose in his head.Anyway, his narcissistic trait could be reasoned. William was undeniably
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Weird Dream
It was a quiet night, and Claude was sound asleep when he suddenly stirred in his dream. A unique ringing tone filled his ears, jolting him awake. The ringing continued, making his head and ears packed in uncomfortableness. "Hmmm...what the heck is that sound? Who's setting up the alarm!?" Claude cried out, trying to earn a response, but what he got was nothing but silence. Feeling bewildered, he hastily rose from his lying position to stand. His drowsiness quickly dissipated as he took in his surroundings. The air was thick with an ancient smell, like something he had never experienced before. As he looked around, he realized that he was no longer in his dorm room, or even in his own world for that matter. Instead, he found himself standing in a vast, empty space that seemed to stretch on forever. The floor beneath his feet was cold and hard, a smooth white expanse that appeared to go on forever. In front of him loomed a towering structure that seemed to reach up into the ver
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