Arachnoid Unleashed

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Arachnoid Unleashed

By: Panfsij OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Centuries have passed since the dark blight. the dark elves were defeated by the great army led by the celestial hero. the world has become safer ever since, or at least that's what the celestials thought as something very powerful and evil have already settled and spread its roots deep in the world, waiting for its bearer to come..


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41 chapters
1- Mysterious Dungeon
In a place where a vast, turquoise ocean meets a luscious green land, a group of five adventurers consisting of a dwarf, two humans, and two eleves, were travelling on their way home after several months of exhausting dungeon exploration and adventurous expeditions.    One of them is a 22 yr old mage and an average adventurer human named Philip. He came from a small but a well known family of mages that lives on the edge of the far East of Tamorian Empire. They have created a huge protective formation magic circle that could easily detect nearby beasts which was the main reason why their family was quite well known among mages.    People thought that the magic circle keeps the beast away, doing its job in protecting them. But unbeknownst to them, it was actually Philip's family that hunts and slaughter the beasts down for the trade routes' and citizen's safety. It was a job assigned to their family by the emperor for generations.&n
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2- Unexpected Situation
As they entered the dark empty dungeon, nothing but the sound of their footsteps and a soft howling wind could be heard. It was quiet. The place looked and felt weird due to the clean and smooth floor and perfectly shaped tunnels engraved with mysterious runes and unknown characters. This place belonged to an intelligent being.    They kept tabs on each other, walking closely to one another in an organized formation so no one would get lost or be harmed if something unexpected was to happen. Philip and his father were using their magic to detect if there are any danger present but could sense nothing.   As they walked deeper into the tunnel, they started sensing a presence of strong magic. The group decided to follow it and would encounter a lot of different tunnels. But due to the strange magic being too strong, they were easily able to pinpoint the right direction. They finally arrived at what seemed like the end of the smooth floor a
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3- The attack
in the far east of the Tomorian Empire, were mountains projects into the ocean, there was a town that was prosperous and famous for being one of the main destinations for trade, training, and hunting, and all because of a special mine that produced high-grade mana stones for the last 40 years without stop. many mage guilds also built their headquarters around that mine, the power that radiates from the mine alone is enough to improve their mana concentration and cultivation.    several nobles took advantage of that, the long vast forest, the beach, and everywhere around the mine now is full of all types of shops, stalls, inns, markets buildings, squares, and roads, except for one location, no one have dared to approach the watchtower on the mountain.   they say the old man who lived there was crazy, he didn't interact with anyone, and whoever tried to overstep the boundaries of the tower he didn't hesitate to hurt them, yet ther
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4- The sweet taste of revenge
They've been out of the orphanage for several minutes. They had finally arrived at the mine entrance. Philip was relieved that they had gotten out of town without fighting, since it was much peaceful here. That, however, did not endure long. Many dwarf dead were scattered around the shore and the mine entrance as they came closer. The children were exhausted and had difficulty breathing. Philip turned to face them and stated quietly, "As there appears to be no one else in the area, we should proceed south along the beach untill we reach the grey mountains, It'll be a lot safer if we ".. Philip came to a halt in his speech as he sensed a projectile approaching at an incredible speed. Philip rapidly erected numerous arcane shields to protect the party, The projectile, however, shattered them all and lost its magnitude at the final layer. The weapon was a Spear. Philip had no idea how strong whoever threw it was.
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5- Ashes to Ashes to Monster
Philip awoke in a large dark throne room, where moonlight pierced through its large windows, thinking he was unconscious. He checked his surroundings but couldn't see anything. It was late at night and very quiet. "But HOW," Philip cried out in shock and confusion as he checked his body, pinching himself, he was perfectly fine with no injuries. "That doesn't make any sense," Philip muttered in confusion, "that's impossible." He was abruptly interrupted by a soft voice. "Is that it?" Philip turned in the direction of the voice, but he can't make any sense of it; all he sees is a figure sitting on the once-empty throne, but no matter how hard he tried, his eyes wouldn't make any sense of it. " w...Who are You?" Philip inquired, concerned. "I'm the one you helped set free," the voice giggled, adding, "well, not entirely free,
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6- I am Siphex
<Status> Name: ???????  Race   ( Arachnoid: Rare ) Class ( null ) Level  ( 1 ) Souls ( 0/5 )          < stats > STR ( 5 )   VIT ( 3 ) WIS ( 4 )   INT ( 9 ) DEX ( 6 )  CHA ( 7)    < Skills >  Active ( 0/3 ) -  - - passive ( 2/3 ) - Arachnoid insight :  ( the pure blood of the Ancient Reishalion runs through your veins, you gain the blessing of your ancestors:  you are 100% resistant to poison & cold. 25% resistant to illusions ). - Nimble : (your movement is partially muffled, your movement speed is increased up to 25% the closer you are to your target ).   <   > -  - -   He was speechless when he saw his new stat
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7- Level Up
stepping away from the Portal Most low leveled humans, dwarves, or elves would feel dizziness or other minor effects, and it wasn't a pleasant feeling to go through, but now being something different, Siphex stepped out of the portal with ease, and the first thing that came into his view were rocky dark tunnels with tiny crystals splattered randomly at the ceiling and the walls, giving the dark cave a subtle purplish glow.   'Lord Zurich said I can only get out of the maze if I get stronger, so I guess I'll have to work harder and start leveling up; my only goal right now is power.' 'But I don't see any experience points,' he reflected as he took another look at his level status    < level (1) >  < Souls (0/5) >   "Well, being a sort of something Ancient has its advantages, I guess those souls are required to level up," Siphex said as he began walking through the nearest tunnel. &nbs
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8- Predator of the tunnels
Even though Siphex couldn't see the day or night, he understood that a long time had passed in the outside world when he began farming the first floor of the maze trial, but he didn't give it much attention because the only thing he knew during this time was hunting without ceasing. At first, all he encountered were the same low-leveled valaptors who didn't yield enough Souls as his level increased, but as he progressed deeper into the cave, he began to encounter a variety of higher level beasts, which, while still common, provided a larger number of enemies and the number of souls their hearts gave him. Despite the fact that Siphex was killing mobs nonstop, he didn't seem to get tired. Every time he felt tired at the end of a fight, as he devoured a heart out of a corpse, he felt a warm sensation spread through his body, refreshing both his stamina and slightly healing any minor scratches and injuries he developed during the fights, as he later realized there was another si
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9- The quite before the change
The enormous continent Grand Mundora is a vast expanse of land that stretches across the vast crystal ocean's body. With a diverse range of climates, landscapes, and scenery, the continent was primarily home to four races. Humans, elves, orcs, and dwarves are among the races. The Tomorian Empire was the largest and most powerful human home, stretching across the entire northeastern quarter of the continent. Its landscape consisted primarily of green plains, vast forests, hills, valleys, small rivers, and lakes, with a typical European climate. Surrounded on the south by a series of grey Mountains, on the west with Elven vegetation, and on the east and north by the ocean. Humans, who lacked any unique racial characteristics, were mainly average in all-around occupations because they could easily pick up skills from other races, but they specialized in herbalism and religion since the paladins were their most cherished unit. They most
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10- The Cycles of Rebirth
The sounds of fighting and growling reverberate through the dark, empty passageways.   * clap*   *swishhhhhhh*   *splash*   *thud*   Siphex murmured as he hacked open the headless body and consumed its heart, "and that would be the 74th."   < Heart consumed +1>  < Souls+ 14 >   As Siphex progressed deeper into the zone 6 tunnels, he encountered additional mobs that were similar to bacats but slightly different and also higher leveled; after killing all of the zone 6 mobs, Siphex was rather happy with the number of souls they yielded. Getting to level 18 and halfway to 19   < Status >       Name: Siphex Race ( Arachnoid: Rare ) Class ( null ) Level ( 18 ) Souls ( 431/960)     &
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