A Prospective Future




Water trickled down into the little pool of water in the bluish and foggy landscape. In it, stood a school boy donning black shoes, blue trousers, white shirt and a blue and white striped tie with a crew cut hairstyle looking in confusion.

Just a little ahead of him was a figure, masculine in blue suit, kneeling on one knee.

'Don't worry about what happened. Your conscious mind blacked out. This is your unconscious mind that I had been able to wake.' The figure spoke, straining in breath.

Every person had a mind that was divided into two. The conscious part did the daily biological machinations and whatnot while the unconscious mind usually came alive to process deeper understanding of what was observed by the conscious mind. 

For example, one could think about something deeply and end up dreaming about it. In such instances, the unconscious mind is at work  and as always, this mind would do only proc

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