Against The Unity II

Bright flashes of light erupted into the air just then at the command issued out of his words. He released a new technique, one that he did n't have before but because of the excess energy that was following though his body, it was rather easy for him to visualize the technique. 

Photn Blaze was a simple technique but yet just as it was simple, it was equally as powerful as it could be. The body of Shin trembled  and quaked under the mighty force of the immense surge of destructive energy that was exploding out of him violently. Light discharged from his body, erupting out as if he was exploding continuously, but rather than flames and fire being the explosion force here, it was lal light. 

He was standing in the same spot but rather than just that, destructive energies continued to rip out of the ground, spanning for several meters, all of whi


Another Chap today. Hooray! btw, what is happening to Yasmin? Does he really have a time limit? WHat do you think??

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