Big is to Crush

"Ladies and gentlemen…" The master of the ceremony screamed out of the bisellium. 

He was wearing just simple brown robes, a black girdle by his waist that draped down to the ground by the left. Over his shoulders, a black cloak resided them, coating his shoulders down to his arms. 

His face was rather oblique with a patch of triangular teddy by the ears, as if someone placed a traffic triangular sign there.

His face was puffed and the edge of the black kinky hair he had, just by the edge where the top hair joined with the hair that sloped down towards the ears, a tiny of white was visible.

Behind him, two seats made of long dark wood with rectangular backs that covered up the form of whoever sat there when viewed from the back were present. At the left and right sides, a little stool stayed there, having a brown wooden bowl and some nuts, refreshment for the course of the match.

The MC stood right in the center of the chairs ahead

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