The Scheming

Lord Aiko sniffed in the air, wearing a grey bathrobe that dropped to his feet with the straps tied to his waist. 

As usual, the atmosphere is dark, a noticeable feature of the realms dominated by the Adzes. And as a result of their incomplete souls, these vampires are incapable in stepping out during Dawn time and throughout the day. In an attempt to solve this, they were able to infuse death energy into all their lands, bringing up a feel of the First Heaven into their place.

As a result, demon waves that came down from the First Heaven, Orun Apaadi, naturally migrated through their realms. The vampires would do nothing most of the times. Actually all the time, encouraging the waves to pass through. However because of the fact that they were civilised of some sorts,they did not resort to entertaining their destructive tendencies whenever a new Icon arose.

Today was however not one of those wave days. Rather, tonight, tonight, Lord Aiko had set the plans i

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