Big is Larger Target

Bayo huffed, hearing the sounds of the metal rods retracting into the ground. His eyes widened, seeing the strange persons before him and just before he could think of anything, the spears with them hummed simultaneously as they thrust it forward.

That same second, his senses tilted, his sense of being constantly shifting from place to place. One moment, he was walking on his paws, the other moment he was floating in the air.

His insides hurt, almost as if something was trying to bite its way out, all of these sensations making him limp in the physical.

'Move it' A voice had spoken and strangely, he felt some warmth from this voice.

Not warmth per say. It was more of a threatening chill that told him that the only way out of all the aches he felt was through obeying the voice.

And so, in obedience, he moved his form, walking before the vampires with their spears angled at the opposite sides of the neck in such a way that the vampires were behind hi

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