Breaking Ties II


Light shone in the narrow passageway, receding shortly after with the form of Temi standing there, a black curtain before him.

Asoju Temi stepped into the seemingly small room behind the curtain only for the room stretch for several meters, stacked shelves high with bulky books and dusty scrolls and scattered files

The room had only one table that was illuminated by a tiny pinprick of light from the ceiling and filled with various ink bottles and papers as well as files. Behind the table was a huge but yet lean Drakon with his forehead having a gem that changes colors every now and then, while wearing a dark brown long sleeve robe.  

Drakon Lord Meados looked up from his books and scrolls, acknowledging the presence of the Emere before him. 

Pointing to the empty chair before him, he urged. "Please sit. We have long matters to discuss." 

Temi nodded once before accepting the invitation.

Once seated

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