Deciding What Next.

When the next wave was to come, they had better assurance over the success of the scout troops. The most of them could access Agbara and so the odds were so much better than before. The ones who had cried against such methods did not find basis for their cry now. 

The troops were sent out, platoons they were under a commander. But then again, the commanders were given a mandate. 

The less of them that died, the better for the platoons. Now, a platoon is made of about 45-50 soldiers. People were unwilling to join these Advance Platoons so it made sense to make sure that none of them, if possible, lost their lives to the battles. 

In this case, the Commanders were given full powers. In the later times, the Hadjan Commune no longer sent out advance platoons when the wave was around but rather, they stationed advance platoons along the way to the Hadjan Commune in foreign lands, after securing diplomatic relationships with the leadership of those land

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