Voice From a Distance

The Drakon Master, Dakota And Oberius walked into the street from a black mansion shaped like a cube. Flowers littered the edges  of the walkways that transversed the lawn , adding life to the dull colored building. 

On walking to the street, loud noises rent the air, the atmosphere filled with changing, cursing and swearing, the signature move of aggrieved persons.

But in Orun, aggrieved persons necessarily did not have a say. It was this- become powerful and ascend your soul Status or be treated as scum to be crushed under foot.

The motivation was Ascend or grovel.

But over the decades, the Drakonian Confederacy has undergone massive transformations of equity and justice. If aggrieved, you could take the case up to a Drakon Master to seek retribution.

And truth be told, it had saved some many lives from needless death duels.

And as result, Drakonian Confederacy has thrived, grown, survived and prospered tremendously, a noticeable

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