Perfect Order


Name: Demi (Ascender Human) No 19

Specie: Transcendent Flame Dragon(Sentient)  -Rare Type

Soul Stage: Elite

Growth Stage: Hatchling Dragonet

Growth Progress: 32/835

Abilities: SuperNova Flame Breath, Flame Essence Transfer, Fate Sensing, Draconic Eyes, Super Fiery State, Humanoid Form

Aspectual Law: Law of Wrath

Principles: Principle of fervor, Principle of combustion

Congratulations, Ascender Number Nineteen. You have been chosen by His Worship to ascend the 7 Heavens and attain to perfection. 

Do you wish to...



One more person to join the fray. Remember Demi? The 19th Ascender. the lines are beginning to converge now. Hoooraayyyy

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