Rebellion; Captivity II

Ralia heaved now as she began to think less of what had happened. Only then did she open her eyes to the face that was staring intently into her, almost as if the owner of the face wanted to peer directly into her soul. 

She had been a Bulkari slave in her past life and so, she was used to being sized up like this. After all, the type of dressing that they were mandated to wear was something that covered very little of their nakedness, much to the sensual desires of their lustful captives. However, seeing the face of this person looking at her like this gave her goosebumps. 

She felt like he was visually raping her and as a result, she was starled. Immediately, she tried to jerk away, all in a bid to avoid the direct gaze. But just as she tried to do that, a depressing force slammed into her. 

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