Refreshing Knowledge

Bayo froze upon seeing Tangera before him, walking into the stage. So, she'd been the one who opened it? 

And here he was… 

'Ugh! How dumb am I?' Bayo growled at himself.

"Come on…"Tangera turned around, beckoning to him. "You wanted to come out here, didn't you?"

Bayo snorted, trudging out with his snout sniffing in the dark atmospheric airs.

He paused when he got to the center, looking up to Tangera who stood in his way.

She smiled at him, inhaling the air. With her hands sideways in the air, she turned around, a wry smile playing on her lips.

"You know… this place. The free air, the empty space, the vast pavilions…" Tangera said, swinging her hands up and down as she began to circle around with a carefree expression.

The entire amphitheatre was silent and empty. Each step and sound seemed to echo for some seconds before subsiding. The sand on the ground was rough, scathered, evidence of

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