Returning The Fugitive

"Uhm… Great! Now who's going to carry this dead weight?" Shin complained, hands on his waist with twisted lips.

"Uh… What?" Hana looked back at him, dusting her hands.

"I mean…" Shin stretched out his hands frantically. "Now you've knocked it out. What next? I'm pretty sure we'll have to deal with it. I'm just concerned about who has to carry it." 

"Oh that!" Hana turned around, with one eye closed, winking at him. "Last time I checked, I am a SwordMaster. You're the SageMaster. I kill stuff and you clean up after me." 

"Oh… really? I'm a SwordMaster now too." Shin complained, leaning closer but Hana merely walked past him, walking out of the counter by the doorway of sorts.

Just as she stepped out, the Magmorian Madius pants out to the entrance of the door.

"You a-already dealt with it?" He asked, hands on his knees as he exhales and inhales immensely. 

But however, he is merely ignored as S

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