Probing into Bayo's Soul

‘So… This is Magmor. I-i… I made it Jaspar b-but i didn't last long. I just can’t die now. Not now. There's so many things I don't understand yet” Bayo’s rear body staggered, left to right and back again before finally slumping down, his consciousness flickering away. 

Those. Those were the last words of Bayo in his conscious state.

Now, all of his body had gone limp and unfeeling, dragged away by blue-skinned humanoids, all of whom were being observed by Yasmin the soul remnant.


Thud!! Thud!!!

In Bayo's soul space, Yasmin's

Jet black shoes with a little of glitter walked carefully, slowly stepping into the watery poodle that lay in the ground. With each step forward, water dropped from the soles before then rejoining the watery surface again as the shoe touched down.

Moving upwards, the shoe is highended by blue trousers, all gearing up towards a two piece coat of the eyeglasses equipp

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