Saga of the Uniquely Stupid Chimp

In life, we often do not have the option of choice. I mean, there is always the matter of choice but most times we have to choose between a great evil, and a far greater evil.

In times like that, our sense of being is completely eroded, vanished from sight as we try to make the best of what we have to do. Sure enough, there might be a choice, lurking somewhere down the alley but for the matter of time being, we are blinded to it. And thus, the inevitable is what we eventually have to come for.

Our choices are forced by the circumstance of the present situation. Which in hindsight does not look like a choice rather. In thesis

is life and his priorities to keep.

So, then, knowing about the instability of battle, the question is put out to all of you here. When faced with the tightest of situations, what would you do to ensure you live? To ensure that your values are not completely wiped out.

In this situation, we have a matter of doing what is b

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