Seeking the Pristine Form

For time without numbers, there has been a search for the bloodlines and various creatures.

One of which is the most obvious reason, the bloodlines of certain unique creatures allow for their meats to be extremely delicious when cooked. It is therefore often preferred when culinary tastes are being considered.

Creatures which have some special kinds of power or have their soul class growing all the way past Elite and beyond taste great just as well.

And more often than not, those creatures with the most unique bloodlines, the most powerful forms and makeups are the creatures which taste the best in the pots. While spirit beings do not often have to eat, it is not said anywhere that one may not involve oneself in the tastes and the pleasantness of meat and flesh.

Creatures which have arisen from the bloodlines of others, creatures which have several bloodlines in them, whether tainted or not, are often ideal if the first options discussed above are not


Oh no! Anything to power up Bayo... I am all up for it!

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