The Familiar Prime

What did Yasmin mean by that? 

Bayo pondered even as Yasmin began to work on the screen, ignoring the numerous open windows which made the whole Evolution Display screen look messy.

It was time for serious business, Bayo shrugged, and if Yasmin was being serious about helping him out to recover the first form of the Spirit Prime Wolf, then it would mean that there was something he could use. 

Something which would have more power and tenacity than the Crackly Buff Up. And so, Bayo waited, stepping back to allow Yasmin the space to work out his magic, swallowing in excitement now.

It was great to have a Soul Genie. However, he had to be careful. Yasmin was only helping because it was to get him in a stronger form. A stronger form which Yasmin would try once more

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