Settling A Brawl

If anyone had told Ronke that she would fly so fast and yet combine it with running almost immediately back then, she would have found that difficult to believe. Yet, she had boosted herself out of the view of a chattering Tangera, soaring into the air as free as a kite. 

It had taken its drain, eventually. Familiars could manipulate the elemental forces, not become one with them per say. This meant that, in as much as she could summon air currents and map out air disturbance in a molecular level, she could not carry it out for long.

It was tasking. Especially when it came down to flying. The biology of the Familiars was not all that suited for flying. Either that or she was not that proficient in her air manipulation

 She found the latter more agreeable because she had had to rely on her Earthen manipulation most of the time to deal damage, despite the fact that she was an Air Familiar.

Still, after she had boosted her way for some distance, th

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