The Ascender of Victory is Not a weakling

"Everybody, kneel them separately." The terrorists ordered, seeing an unwilling group of passengers separating from one another while crawling on their knees in front of the bus door.

The lead terrorist from before frowned when he saw the mother of before unwilling to comply. She knees, shivering, her body on top of the boy's back.

"You dey craze? I say separate" He shouted, kicking her in the stomach.

"Aaaaah… Please. Don't hurt us." The mother screamed as another boot slammed into her rib cage.

"Don't touch my mum." The boy underneath screamed out.

He tried to get up but the mother refused, exerting all of her energy to keep him under.

"S-stay stay there… Aaaarghhh…" The mother who was on top of the boy screamed, drawing her last breaths.


The sound deafened the little boy who was beneath for a brief second before the realization of what happened solidified into his mind. 

His mother was dead.


I like this development. It's going to make Shino a lot better now.

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