Yasmin VS Ralia,

Moments Earlier-


“Tch…” Ralia groaned as she took a quick look with her eyes, taking into account the warriors she still had with her. 

It was true that Yasmin had been fighting without Agbara for the time being but yet even while he had been doing just that, it was still taking a ton of time to get him out. She had gone ahead with Shin with the ideology that she could use him. After all, she had noticed that Yasmin had been rather hesitant to lay direct attacks at the Ascender. 

But then again,she had failed there. She had underestimated the might of the Ascender of Victory. While he was not all that tough, that tough to make her worry, he had defeated her attempt of assimilating him. 



This is supposed to be yesterday's chapter but somehow, even after posting it, i found that it did not post. It is really annoying cos I sure clicked the post button. I am doubly sure I did. Anyways, lets go back a little bit and see what had been happening with Yasmin and Ralia all the time when they were fighting and Shin was going bonkers. I really want you to get on every detail of this encounter and not miss out, thinking Shin is the only one I want to highlight here.

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