The Combat of the Air Mistress II

A large spike of Earth tore through the front deck of the ship, ripping through the spot that Slyka had stood in only seconds away now. The moment it ripped through,a gigantic explosion of flames burst out in the lower deck now, the entire mass of the licked up in instant flames and heat, turning out to be a massive firework in the sky.


Ronke panicked. The level of destruction that she had caused with her earth spike stalling was catastrophic. She had to keep a wall of oxygen deprived air about her to keep the flames from gathering around her or ve scathing her own skin. She was not insusceptible to fire,after all, despite being able to control fire though. 

She was worried. But then, the worry about the CFR was the least of her concerns. After all, in the battle scene, who had to worry about what happened to the enemy. The person who did do that was the one who was willing to get himself or herself at the losing end of the whole thing. But for h


Well, Now, we seee Ronke using the elements to her benefit. Little wonder she was a squad captain. So, finally we are at here. The end of an arc... And the end of Book 1... oops. did i get you? nOT THE END YET. Lol

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