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And Pain..

“AAAAAGAGHHHHHH!” The huntress yelled out as the chunk of earth ripped through her back, spearing its way through her entire body, all the way from the back to the front of her. 

“Now, you can burn!” Ronke said and then, with a smile, she stomped her feet on the deck of the ship, willing back all of the flames that she had been keeping at bay. All of it, towards the screaming form of the huntress even as the ship began to break and scatter into bits of matter down the mountain ranges below. 

“Now, now." Ronke said, smiling as she willed up a gust of wind to take her off the deck as the deck finally succumbed to the head and the destruction of the flames even after it provided a dying frame for the figure of the huntress earlier. And then,the hull of something already so familiar appeared, rising above the form of Ronke. It lowered itself, a figure, which was Hana standing at the foredeck with her hand extended waiting to take the hands of


I am glad that we have gotten to this part of the book. We have coe through long arcs and touching scenes, seen how Bayo has imparted people and how others have imparted him. But everything thta has a beginning, surely must have an end. Is this a happily ever after? Hardly! But it is as much as Book One can take. We would see again in Book II, undoubtedly. So, yea, dont leave yet... Read, recommend this book and keep watching for the next Book. I assure you, you wont regret it

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