The Combat of the Air Mistress

The Hunter is a killing machine which is specifically designed for such missions of severity, they do not show emotions and have no need for that because for the missions which they are assigned for, they have to be through and effectively. Their blows need to count and so the hunters are given new identities and introduced to the quality demanding system of the CFR. WHich would mean that even their souls are inculcated and taught about the values of the Cfr. In Other Words, they live for the CFR. However,this option of being a Hunter or Huntress is always so optional and never is forced on those within or without the CFR organization. It is only for those who truly seek to unlock the next level that the Cfr holds the key to. 

Lest we digress, the hunter is a single entity of overwhelming force. Unless the Hunters are all occupied at the moment or the CFR wishes not to involve them, then the army of


Show you how bosses do it. Give it to Ronke for that. Hurraayyyy.... Boy, but wait, what happened to Bayo? He is still on the ship, remember?

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