The Dueling Gigantics III


"Hey…" The voice of the one who Hana had come to adore sounded off now.

It was the Commander of the Platoon Force, Commander Hana and she had her hands in her pocket with a smile on her face.

They were out in the open, away from camp, walking amongst the streets that they had come to call their own now. It was in Magmor and as usual, the normal populace of the stone people at this place was in an okay situation. 

"You need to cheer up, okay? I cannot have my elite transfer warrior looking downcast, you know." Commander Eno said to the female who was beside her, by her left hand side.

A double horsed caravan rode past now, the horses trotting past while the coach held onto the reins,


Only the big bosses, Shin, stay away

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