The Duelling Gigantics II

Moments earlier...

‘Yasmin scan’ Bayo ordered the soul genie. ‘Scan the both of them.’ He added. 

The way the two of them were going at it, he wanted to have that power within his grasp. If he had the power of the Giant and the tItan, then he was sure that he would have something that was worth the while as an arsenal. 

Currently, Vela ahd only appraised the form of the Toxicus Cretin within him. While he did feel abused and violated because of that, he chose to see another side of it. She could have just have pointed out other bloodlines which he had stored but she only acknowledged the bloodline of the Toxicus Cretin and that was because it was strong. The only strong bloodline which he had that she had appraised. 

Bjt then, watching the giant and the Titan fight made him happy. And that was because he was going to have a chance at doing something. And doing something that would mean that he would have raw power stacked up within him.


Shin is now so fast. Nice. Also I am super excited we get to see some action and ontop of that action, it does not directly involved them. Or at least, tight now because I am sure Hana would not stay still now.

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