The Duelling Gigantics I

Giants are the forbidden offspring of Irunmoles and human beings in the World of Earth below. They are spawned out of the coming together of a human being and an Irunmole, most likely those who have been sent down to the Earth in the course of the duty of the Gods. 

Initially, it had been frowned upon and then banned. The Irunmole should not have to mate with the Human Being as one could not be sure to ascertain what could come out of the mix but still, it happened. 

It was a taboo so then those who had participated in acts of this nature had to hide the truth about their misdoings and then everything was fine. Up until, somehow somehow, the Giants had been able to crawl themselves back to the heavens. 

Likewise, the humans and the demons came together in unholy matrimony, birthing what would become the tainted aberrations of the Giants, Titan. 

The Titans in like way were abandoned back on earth by their demon parentage. WHile the


Hana has a strong sense of justice. Plus a shimmering anger beneath her kindness. I hope she can find peace of mind soon. I love her ... Hehehe

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