The Relation of Space with Death

What is the thing which links Death with space or rather that which links space with death?

That, has remained a mystery for many a scribe. However, I have taken the liberty of time in this confinement which I ma being held to ponder over what others have failed to conclude. Permit me, if you notice some discrepancies in my report(I am no writer or scribe. Just one being bored with confinement) but then that being said , I have full confidence to boast in my work.

It is my hope that this piece of idle writing be gone out far, reaching to the far corners of the heavens so that everyone nay see the truth we have all been vlevasive to.

The Law of Death. Whoever learns this law has the power to become almost omniscient to some extent. Despite th Law being just a statury law(something which is bound to occur regardless but does not always directly affect things about) it is crucial to the circle  of life. I believe that should be self explanatory.

Why the

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